Where to Shop When You Are In Singapore

If you are done with all the sightseeing, restaurant-hopping and meeting new people here in Singapore, I know where you just want or “need” to go next—you need to go shopping. Shopping, especially if it is your first time in Singapore, can surely be an important stop in your travel since you need to buy souvenirs not only for you but also for the people waiting for you in your place. Make sure to go to the malls and shopping centres which offer cheap and quality products. Here are some of them.


If you are looking for unique pieces of accessories and clothing, visit the Scape where most business bloggers go to showcase their products out from the internet. What is good with Scape products is that people can buy them in a much cheaper price compared with the price online. You can buy stuff within the range of $1 to $20.


Looking for a wide variety of products and wide place as well? Parco Marina Bay, and 85,000 square feet shopping mall, is the place for you. Imagine how many retail stores selling products of different prizes are in this mall. If you are really a shopping lover, you won’t mind having a look to all stalls just to find the product you want and the product that fits your budget. There are food stalls inside in case you need a break from shopping.

Second hand clothes, bags, shoes and stuff can also be bought in Singapore, and you can expect much cheaper price of these products. You can find these in the Thieves Market. Thieves Market was established 30 years ago, and from then until now, it offers not only goods but a unique culture on shopping because of the second hand products they offer.

Relaxing environment, eye-pleasing colours and sounds and the shopping mall you are looking for will all be given to you when you visit Suntec City Mall. In this mall lies the fountain which is Guinness Book of Record’s largest fountain, and this is where you will get the amazing colours and sounds as the fountain changes in colour and the sound of the water as it hits the ground is relaxing. After seeing this, get a dose of all the products offered in the four floored mall having 300 retail outlets.