What You Need to Know About Liquid Lipsticks

From Kylie lip kits to Colourpop’s matte liquid lipsticks, the liquid variant of lipsticks has revolutionized the lip cosmetic industry. The product never faltered to be the talk of the town. A lot of beauty gurus post write-ups about the product on their blogs almost every other week (especially when a new shade is released), while others film videos of themselves reviewing these lipsticks to be posted on video streaming platforms such as YouTube.

Now, almost all major cosmetic brands all over the world procured their own liquid lipsticks. The main difference mostly lies in the shades and hues, but overall, these lipsticks are similar to each other. They do not smudge and their coverage lasts longer than the classic lipsticks we all grew up familiar of — so suffice to say it has earned the worth of its trend.

With their increasing popularity nowadays, it then becomes crucial for us to know more about liquid lipsticks in general.

1. Humid and heat proof
Liquid lipsticks are a lifesaver for cosmetic lovers who live in humid countries such as Singapore. There aren’t a lot of make-up products that can effectively withstand both humid and the heat, but thanks to the long-lasting polymers in liquid lipsticks, its formula stays put. Rest assured, the product doesn’t slide down your face even when temperature levels arise!

2. Can be difficult to remove
The formula in liquid lipsticks is designed for long-lasting coverage, hence removing them might become a challenge. This might take time especially if you’re ready to jump into bed and get that good night’s sleep you deserve. In order to effectively remove the pigment from your lips then, use a lipstick remover or a lip scrub.

3. Still vulnerable to grease
Liquid lipsticks can only do so much. While they notably last longer than other lip products, it is still vulnerable to greasy or oily foods. The oil from these greasy food can make your lipstick be all over your spoon and glass. Worst, it may also mess around your upper and lower lips without even noticing it yourself.

4. May dry the lips
Since the product is highly pigmented, chances are it may dry up your lips after hours of coverage. It is then important to exfoliate your lips properly before applying liquid lipstick. Better yet, use a lip balm to help your lips stay smooth. Keeping yourself hydrated at all times also helps, so drink plenty of water if you can.

5. Generally, all you need is one dab
A single coat of liquid lipstick is enough to complete your look. Even with one swipe, you are likely to achieve that pigment you desire which can also last long. Take note that this product is highly pigmented, so you don’t have to apply a lot. But if you want to kick up the intensity of the color a notch, add on another layer — just make sure you do so when the first coat hasn’t dried up completely yet.