What is Hygge and How Can You Do It in Singapore?

Hygge, pronounced as hoo-ga or hue-geh is basically the Danish concept of intimacy and/or coziness. But you shouldn’t think of it as just that. Denmark, consistently at the top as among the happiest countries in the world, credits hygge for this. Most of the Danish consider it a way of life even!

Hygge is all about taking pleasure in the simplest things in life. Sipping some hot tea from a cup while quietly watching the snow is one common example. Wait, snow? But there’s no snow in Singapore, will I not be able to try hygge? Well, of course you can! Here’s how:

1. Candles
Candles are the actually the one thing that’s always associated with hygge. The glow of the candlelight creates a warm and cozy atmosphere that’s perfect for hygge. You could also use scented candles to add more effect. Of course, you’ll want to do this at night (or when the rainy season comes) since it can get pretty hot in Singapore while the sun is still out. Try it for yourself and see how different the atmosphere in your room can be.

2. Lights
If you don’t want to try using candles, you can experiment with lights too. You can dim the lights to create a quiet hygge mood or turn off your overhead lights completely and just use a table lamp. Once you’ve set the mood with the lights, you can simply listen to music, talk with friends, and etc.

3. Enjoy your time with friends
When people hear of hygge initially, there’s a misconception that it is something to be enjoyed alone. This is not necessarily the case because hygge can also be about enjoying your time while socializing. You can have small meaningful talks with friends, play board games, or drinking some hot coffee together silently. These can all be considered hygge.

4. Unwind in Nature
Hygge isn’t also necessarily limited to staying inside your home. You can take a hike and enjoy your time around nature. This is also pretty easy to do in Singapore because of all the nature parks that are easily accessible. It wouldn’t be too hygge-like though if you just took a walk. You should take that time to relax, check out some views in nature, listen to the birds and etc.

5. Use Anything Soft
Again, because hygge is all about comfort, bring out those soft pillows and wrap yourself in a warm, soft blanket. You can wear socks, sweaters, leggings and etc. to keep the cozy on! You can even keep a corner in your home with all the soft cushions and blankets.

Though Denmark and Singapore surely have a lot of differences, Singaporeans can definitely still practice hygge. This way, we might learn a thing or two about how the Danish almost always stay happy.