What Happens During Rush Hour

One of the most modern traffic signalization systems is Singapore. Here, the traffic status is only light up to moderate. However, it will sometimes experience heavy traffic most especially during peak hours.


Most of the vehicles in the country are buses, cars and taxis. These are among the most common ways of transportation in the nation. On the other hand, there are also commuters who are riding their bicycle, motorcycle or scooter to avoid heavy traffic during peak hours.

Aside from the fact that people in the country are much disciplined, drivers are not a fan of violating laws in the road because fines are too expensive. Also, the punishment is very strict. Since there are a lot of vehicles travelling around the astounding country of lion city, there is really a big possibility of traffic to take place. Here are some of the reasons why traffic congestion happen during peak hours:


  • Number of vehicles – As said, there are a lot of automobiles in the country and when is clogged in one street, there a strong chance of heavy traffic to occur.
  • Cars that are travelling during rush hours – Did you know the number of vehicles in the road during rush hour is two times more than the normal hours.  This is because almost all workers in the country have the same work schedule. Hence, resulting to a heavy traffic. Here in the country, peak hours start during 7a.m. until a.m. and 7p.m-8p.m.