Wedding Portal Provides Info on Catering

The wedding portal is a forum where you can get advice regarding any aspect of the wedding you desire to. Weddings can be strenuous and one can have a close call to having nervous breakdown in most cases. However, there are wedding portals present online which can provide you exactly with the help that you require. From professional hair, makeup, wedding dress and catering advice, you can also get in touch with other brides to be and talk your heart out with them. This forum is perhaps the best platform provided to brides to be to discuss their problems with other women in the exact same situation, especially in Singapore. Moreover, you can get brilliant ideas regarding making the best choices and cutting down on costs by reading the tips and pieces of writing uploaded on these web sites. If you are a bride to be and your wedding is coming along you should also consider visiting Perfect Weddings portal where many brides from Singapore meet, since maybe the solution you are looking for, you can find it there. With lots of wedding content there, you will surely be able to find the info needed for your wedding preparation.


To give you a quick overview of how this forum in Singapore is like, you can get tips regarding any wedding related matter you wish for. For example, this article will talk about catering; a very important and perhaps the most expensive aspect of the wedding. Professional catering services can be extremely costly and you should know how to cut down on these costs to fix them within your budget and how to choose the best catering service present out there. A few tips will be provided here for you to read, but if you want to get more valuable information you will have to go on the wedding portal yourself. The catering service usually includes the following things that you will have to pay for.

  1. Food
  2. Kitchen Staff
  3. Beverages (Lots of it)
  4. Waiters
  5. Decorations
  6. Rentals (plates, glasses, cutlery and napkins)
  7. The cost of the venue where the reception is being held

All of these things when put together can increase your bill by a whopping amount. So big that you can even go into cardiac arrest! But jokes aside, what are the ways in which you can cut down on these costs and still have the wedding you have always dreamt of?

  • Dinner receptions are the most costly especially in Singapore, so if you cannot afford them, go for an afternoon or late morning reception, since it cuts down on cost. Since dinner receptions are higher in demand, the catering companies have increased their cost by a great deal so as to earn larger profits.
  • You have a variety of receptions to choose from, it you want to really cut down on cost, and you can hold a punch and cake reception, in which desserts are served along with beverages such as champagne. This is a very light and sophisticated combination and is usually held after lunch. However, it is essential that you inform the guests so they do not expect a full course meal at your wedding.
  • If you reception time exceeds the time limit you are charged extra for all of the above mentioned things. So be careful to begin the ceremony and end it on time, to make full use of the money you have paid. Be punctual and ask everyone else to do the same too.
  • If you have only invited close family and friends and want to hold an intimate lunch or dinner reception, you can go for a full course meal since the number of guests will be less. However, what you can do is to use plastic plated or paper plates instead of going for rental china cutlery since that can be expensive.

So this way, have the dream wedding in Singapore that you have always wanted with a galore of good wedding information online that can be found on wedding portals and similar sites.