Ways to Keep Cool During Summer

When summer is just around the corner, people start thinking of ways to go out and enjoy the sun. Yet, some people could also start complaining when the heat turns from something fun, to something sweltering. Here are some easy ways to keep cool while you have fun:

Wear appropriate summer clothing

 Move away from thick fabrics like polyester and artificial fibers. Such fabrics do not let air pass through easily thus would make you feel hotter. Instead, wear clothes with loosely-woven fabric like cotton. You can also avoid wearing dark-colored clothes for they tend to absorb more heat compared to light-colored ones which reflect light thus reducing heat absorption.

 Drink more water

As the temperature gets higher, more people become prone to dehydration. And, what is a good tool to combat that? Water. When it’s warmer, our body tends to lose more water so we should see to it that we replenish what is lost. Try drinking a glass of water every hour. Being hydrated can also make one’s body feel cooler.

Stay downstairs during daytime

 If you plan on staying at home, make sure you stay downstairs for it is a cooler part of your house. As laws of science apply, warm air rises while cool air sinks. This is because warm air is less dense and is situated on top of the denser cool air. On hot days, cool air is circulating on the lower part of your home which is apparently downstairs.

Load up on frozen treats

 Summer is the time for you to fill you freezer with frozen goodies like ice cream, frozen yogurts and even frozen chopped fruits. As you work hard to battle the scorching sunrays, reward yourself with these frozen. It will not only make you feel cool but will also pave way for a yummy experience.