Ways to Fight Against Memory Loss

Everyone can experience a little memory loss especially as we age. But if it happens too often, it can imply a more severe problem- the risk of dementia. With Singapore’s ageing population, the possibility of dementia can become more and more apparent. Although this is the case and there is no guarantee of actually preventing memory loss, there are still things that we can do to keep our brain sharp and healthy.

Exercise daily
Exercising helps to improve blood flow in the brain and increase the formation of new brain cells. In fact, physical exercise best exhibits protection of memory and brain function. If you have not been exercising or stopped exercising for a while, you can start by taking walks. Walking for 30 minutes daily can be good enough of a workout that can benefit both the body and the brain. Take a walk or even jog around in MacRitchie Reservoir Park or Marina Bay Waterfront and just enjoy!

Give the brain a workout
Just like how physical exercise can help our body, giving our minds a workout can also favor our memory. Learning a new language, practicing a musical instrument, reading a book, and doing puzzles are only some of the many ways we can give our brain an exercise to keep it sharp and healthy. Any mentally challenging activity can keep our brain in shape and keep a keen memory.

Manage stress
Keeping calm and finding ways to relax has a big impact when it comes to storing and retrieving information. Meditation, massage, or any form of relaxation can help keep stress and anxiety at bay. Having high levels of the stress hormone, cortisol, can impair memory as it negatively affects our memory centers giving our brain a harder time to retrieve information.

Have a good quality sleep
When we sleep, we give our brain much needed rest to keep it sharp and fresh. Simply having enough sleep can help strengthen our memory. When we are restless, our concentration and attention will reach their limits. This can affect our memory as both concentration and attention are crucial factors when storing new information, or information we would otherwise like to keep in our memory.

Interact with others
Social interaction helps protects us against depression, anxiety, and stress, which all contribute to memory loss. So, go shopping with your friends at Orchard Road, hang out at Holland V, or experience the nightlife in Clarke Quay. Being engaged with others can stimulate the brain and keeps it sharp. This is because when we talk to others, we have to think about how to respond, hence keeping our brains active. The more connections we have, the better we can be at keeping our brain and memory healthy.