Types of VoIP Services

Before deciding to integrate a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service to your Singapore business, you should first know the different types of VoIP Singapore services there are. Know and understand what each type can offer, and find out whether or not it’s going to be advantageous to your business. Your company’s needs and the way you communicate will help you decide which voice over IP type to choose. Listed below are the existing types of voice over IP services to give you an idea of the type of service that will suit you best.


1. Computer-Based Service

Software- or computer-based service is the most commonly used type of voice over IP. In most cases, this type of service is used for free, especially when it involves computer-to-computer voice communication through the internet. All you need to do is download an application from your VoIP Singapore provider, install it to your device, and register an account. After creating your account, you can then start making and taking calls. The calls are unlimited and free on this amazing voice on cloud VoIP in Singapore when you call people who are using the same application on their devices. Outgoing calls to traditional telephone or mobile lines have a charge, but for a minimal fee only.

2. Mobile Service

If you’re in a mobile network plan and looking for ways to cut down the costs of your mobile network subscription, you might find solution in mobile VoIP service. Aside from the cost, mobile voice over IP lets you carry with you all the benefits of the service anywhere you wish to go. Every time you need to call an employee, a business partner, or any of your department heads, you can simply do it while you’re on the road without the need to access a computer unit.

3. Office/Residential Service

This VoIP service is the cheaper alternative to your telephone line in the office or at home. Upon signing up for this service, you’re sent a phone adopter that you’ll need to plug to your ADSL line and to your existing telephone set. All you need to pay for is the one-time subscription fee and monthly fees, which are often in flat rates. Local calls or calls to certain destinations can be made unlimited, or the service package can cover certain number of minutes.


4. No-Monthly Bill Service

Basically, with this service, the only cost you’re going to pay for is the price of the required hardware. The hardware for this VoIP service works with any traditional phone, so you can use your existing telephone with this service. However, since you’ll no longer be paying for monthly subscription fee, the hardware for this service is quite expensive.

5. Business Service and Solutions

This is a more business-oriented solution than office or residential service (item number 3). If you have a network-centered business in which you want to have a better internal and external communication services, or a small company with fewer number of telephone lines, business VoIP has packages that can be tailored according to your business’ demands.

VoIP services are very cheap, sometimes free. By choosing the right type of service for your company, you’ll not only improve your business’ means of voice communication, but also save thousands and thousands of dollars from expensive standard phone lines.