The Tray Return Initiative

The Tray Return Initiative was created by NEA (National Environment Agency). This initiative was initiated in nine hawker centres all throughout Singapore from November 2012 to February 2013. After that, NEA launched the Tray Return Initiative To Roll Out. This time, there are about thirty four hawker centres that will be provided with Tray Return Initiative facilities. The initiative seeks to promote tray return which can serve as an act of social courteousness towards cleaners and other users.

Basically, this initiative simply wants to help keep hawker centres and other food channels clean. Many people are not in favour of this re-launching. Perhaps they should know some things about the initiative such as:



Hopefully, this initiative can be the habit of everybody. The re-launching only wants to encourage all people to empty their trays which is an act of courteousness towards cleaners and other users.

New System

The good news is that the new system is more efficient and fitting for all Singaporeans. The new system has more drops off points plus not to mention flooding of signs that can help the patrons.



Other people believe that this initiative will compromise the job of cleaners. That is not true. In fact, this initiative will make the jobs of cleaners efficient and effective.

If you have other questions, it is imperative that you contact NEA so you will be enlightened. If you are not against it, then just be courteous to follow it. At the end of the day, the important thing is you took part in this initiative and in your own little ways, you are building a cleaner and cleaner Singapore. Do not forget to return your tray! Do not worry, you won’t forget it because there are thousands of icons or signs that will remind you.