The Secret to Drinking Without the Beer Belly  


Holiday or not, there are some Singaporeans who drink beers. When people come together, drinks will be a part of the equation. Where beer is concerned, there is always one thing that will bother you – beer belly.


The good thing is that enjoying beer does not require having a beer belly. Here are some secrets to drinking without the beer belly:

  • Stick to 10: Drinking feels good so many people just drink until they pass out. That is not how you do it. Be sure that you are still aware of your surroundings and if you do not want to put extra pounds because of drinking, you have to stick to your 10-drink rule. This is about 1,000 to 1,600 calories.


  • Avoid binge eating: Okay, you forgot about the 10-drink rule and pursued drinking not to mention you are constantly dancing. Suddenly, your friends feel hungry again thereby binge eating. This will surely put more pounds to you. That late night snacks should be restricted.
  • Choose drinks with high alcohol-to-calorie ratio: Whiskeys are good choice instead of piña colada. Whiskeys have less than 1,000 calories while piña colada have thrice because of its coconut milk and sugar content. Which drinks have the highest alcohol-to-calorie ratio? You can begin by considering red or white wine, light beer and champagne. Alternatively, you can choose drinks with B-rating or higher.

Sticking to these may not be easy but it can be worth the trouble if you are thinking of pounds. It is not wrong to have fun sometimes but always remember to drink moderately.