The Popularity of Social Media


There is a global survey called Wave 7. This survey seeks to track the global shifts of social media scene in the last seven years. According to this survey, Singaporeans and the rest of Asia are the leading social media users. When you say social media, it refers to the interaction of people online. The interaction covers creating, exchanging and sharing of information in the virtual world. There are many classifications of social media. It may take different forms which includes:

  • Video Streaming – The most common activity online is video streaming. 84% of Singaporeans indulge in the activity. Only 30% said that they will produce videos to be posted online.
  • social-media-confusion1Blogging – Singaporeans are also fond of reading blogs. There is about 62% of Singaporeans who admitted that they read blogs. But there is only 28% of Singaporeans who are active in writing or publishing their own blogs.
  • Social networking – Social networking here in Singapore and the whole of Southeast Asia did not diminish. Social networking (like Facebook and Twitter) satisfy the needs of people.
  • Microblogging – Singaporeans also read microblogs. There are 40% of Singaporeans who adopted microblogging. But this rate is slow comparing to the Chinese with 86%.
  • Researching – Singaporeans are also into researching. 70% of Singaporeans use the social media to thoroughly research something.

Apart from that, podcasts, internet forums, wikis and other platforms are considered social media. While this is good, other people noted its negative impact. The privacy for instance is threatened. Social media can also affect interpersonal relationship. When you are indulged in the activities mentioned above, you should keep in mind to balance everything.