The Functions of the Right Brain  


The brain is small yet powerful. It can take us to places and it can create many things. Many people believe that the brain is only capable for making logical deductions. The brain is more than that because it is also capable of feeling and sentiments.


Roger Sperry, a Professor from the University of California revealed on his study that there are different sides of the brain. There are two sides of the brain which are responsible for various functions – left-brain and right brain. The left-brain is capable of governing the right side of the body and is capable of logical thinking.

Many Singaporeans think that the left-brain is everything because it is capable of critical or logical thinking. The right brain is equally important too. We have to know that the right brain is responsible for feeling. The professor said that the right brain administrates the left side of the body and the left field of vision.


It does not end there because the right brain is also accountable for imagination and visualization. The imagination and visualization are crucial here in Singapore – they are the beginning of inventions and creations. The right brain is also the throne of kinaesthetic perception and intuitive not to mention it expresses metaphor and symbol.

Experts say that both sides of the brain should be well-developed. No one should be greater than the other. There are plenty of ways on how to develop both sides of the brain, all we need is to be open about it and willing. To know the ways, we can consult doctors.