The Creation of Hokkien Prawn Mee

As history states, the Hokkien prawn mee – one signature dish in Singapore – was made by the great Hokkien sailors during the post war. These sailors come from South China and are working in factories. With their experinced gained by working in factories, they have invented a new recipe and that’s the Hokkien Prawn Mee.


During their time, they would search excess noodles along the Rochor Street and fry it using a charcoal stove. At present, it has become a dish that is fried with soy sauce, eggs, yellow noodles, garlic, prawns, bean sprouts, squids and bee hon. The dish is usually made of dried fish, clams and prawn heads.


To prepare this dish, you need to first simmer the noodles for a couple of minutes while combining it with the seafood. After simmering, fry the prawn until it moist. In this dish, pork lard is one main ingredient of the Hokkien recipe that plays a vital role in the food. However, today, most food booths put less pork lard or sometimes, they wdo not put at least a pinch of it. The reason for ignoring pork lard is that many study shows that it is unhealthy to consume most especially to human beings.

On top of the dish, lime and sambal chili is placed. These elements give extra kick to the food and make it more lively and presentable. On the other hand, some food stalls in the country serves the Hokkien Prawn Mee with Opei leaf (a yielding palm bark) to improve and boost the smell of the recipe.