Tell-tale Signs That You Work Too Much


Singaporeans are known to be hard working people. This is the reason why the country is very progressive and productive. For a small country with limited resources, it is maximizing its greatest asset which is its people. The good thing here is that the government is continuously empowering business owners for the wellbeing of their employees.


You know that business culture is competitive these days. If you are slow, you will surely be left out. It is therefore important for you to keep up. There is nothing wrong if you work hard but you have to determine when it is enough because it has an impact on your life as a whole from your health to relationships. You have to think that work can easily consume you so you need to draw the line.

Here are tell-tale signs that you are giving too much of yourself to your work:

If free time becomes alien

You are so involved with your work that you have little time available to yourself let alone the family. The company will think that you are dedicated but for the people around you, that is abuse and too much. Do not let your job totally consume you to the extent that you have no time for other things.


This is easy to determine. If you cannot remember the day you met up with family or friends or went to shopping, you are definitely over worked. It is time that you get a life.

Carrying the load alone

You have to remember that you are not Atlas – carrying the whole world alone. You cannot do everything alone so it is imperative that you ask for help. You may be a perfectionist and you want to do things alone but you have to spare yourself from the burden sometimes.

Aspirations are related to your current job

It is admirable that you have aspirations because it will keep you driven and fuelled. However, you should carefully observe what these aspirations are. Is it related to your current job or not? You have to balance it in such a way that it can create harmony to your colleagues, friends, family and loved ones.

If you always talk about work

It is okay to talk about your job from time to time but what is not acceptable is to talk about it all the time as if there is nothing going on with your life. Even if you are with colleagues, you should not talk about it all the time if you want to have fun. This is a giveaway. If you talk about your work all the time, then it is a tell-tale sign that you give too much of yourself to your work.