Scholarship Opportunities for Travel Enthusiasts


In a college student’s life, getting a chance to study abroad may be one of the most life-changing and worthwhile experience ever told. It may have challenges along the way, as part of adjustment, but the benefits outweigh the hurdles. For students with a heart for travel, the perks of seeing the world, taking in new culture, making life-long friends, learning new language and enjoying career opportunities are only few of the reasons why it is worth trying for.


Exciting as it may seem, stepping up to this opportunity still require well thought emotional, physical, mental and above all, financial preparations. Among all factors, financial needs might be the most daunting one as you have to consider not only the tuition fees but also your chosen country’s cost of living. But as a saying goes, if there’s a will, there’s a way. A number of alternatives are available to make your dreams of studying abroad a reality, and one of which is a scholarship grant.

As the second quarter of the year has begun, you have more time to prepare and look into the newest scholarships offered for international students.

Singapore Millennium Foundation

The scholarship is awarded to top-notch scholars from all over the world. Candidates are mainly chosen based on their academic and research qualifications. The fields of study that applies include education, non-medical bio-science and aging. Moreover, English will be mainly used as means of communicating but applicants should also have proficient knowledge in speaking Mandarin.

USA’s Ph.D. for Computer Graphics, Animation & Virtual Reality Scholarship


Southern Illinois University’s computer science department is granting a scholarship in Ph.D. to work on Computer Graphics, Animation & Virtual Reality Scholarship areas. Successful applicants will conduct a research project relevant to 3D Printing, 3D fabrication, 3D Modeling and similar virtual interactions. To be eligible, applicant must be fluent in English, have programming background, knowledgeable in mathematics and have developed interest in graphics, machine learning and mathematical optimization.

Visionary Scholarship in United Kingdom

Srathclyde Business School offers an MBA scholarship to international applicants who are up to the challenge if testing new ideas and go beyond the expectations. The scholarship is granted to applicants who are pursuing a graduate study in Business Administration. To be eligible, applicants must take IELTS, should not have prior registration or have been offered a place on the program. Application is processed online and deadline is on the 31st of May 2016.

MA International Relations Scholarship for International Students

Oxford Brookes University opens a scholarship in MA International Relations specifically in global political economy, environment and security. The school offers 100% tuition fee waiver based on the applicant’s academic credentials. To qualify, the applicant must at least achieve and equate a second-class honor degree qualification in UK’s education system, must be fluent in English and the university’s general entry requirement indicated on their website.