Polio Fact Sheet: How to Prevent Polio

Parents should be vigilant especially that World Health Organization (WHO) warned the public that polio has re-emerged. In fact, WHO calls the re-emergence of polio as a “public health emergency”. WHO gave the advisory on May 5, 2014. WHO is doing its best to eradicate polio – one of the world’s most serious diseases.


Poliomyelitis or polio is a viral disease which mostly affects young children. The virus is spread through contaminated water and food. If it is contracted, it multiplies in the intestine then it will eventually invade one’s nervous system. Symptoms of polio include neck stiffness, limb pain, headache, fever, fatigue and vomiting. If it is not treated, polio can lead to permanent paralysis.

It is crucial that you know about this because your son or daughter might have this. Polio can be prevented with the help of immunization. Vaccines are provided. There are two types of vaccine combatting polio. The vaccines are:


  • Polio vaccine: The polio vaccine was developed by Hilary Koprowski. She was a virologist that worked with the development of vaccine throughout the ‘50s. It is based on 1 serotype of live but weakened virus.   
  • Salk vaccine: Salk vaccine was developed by Jonas Salk. It was declared in 1955 shortly after the polio vaccine. The Salk vaccine is based on inactivated poliovirus vaccine. After two doses of the vaccine, it was found out that ninety per cent of individuals develop a protective antibody. 

You should be guided. Do not ignore vaccines or immunization. You should go to a hospital and avail of the immunization. If you want to know more, you should ask your doctor about it.