Name Origins Behind Renowned Brands


You are thinking about the name of your company. You are just starting but it is important to get the right name at the onset so people will remember it for as long as they live. You can get inspiration from multinational corporations. There are many multinational corporations here in Singapore. Knowing some of their success stories can make a difference at the end of the day.


Multinational corporations had humble beginnings. Due to the founder’s manoeuvring and strategies, a single restaurant or store multiplied to thousands and expanded to more than one hundred countries. You want the same fate. Why not start with the brand name? Here are the origins of names behind the renowned brands:


Wendy’s restaurant was founded by Dave Thomas. He named his joints after his 4th child – Melinda Lou. Melinda’s nickname was Wendy. Truth is, Dave tried all five names of his kids but only Wendy stood out together with a logo of a girl with red braids. The first joint opened in 1969 and prospered then on. There are thousands of joints around the world.

Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry is one of best ice cream makers in the world. They are like the institution of ice cream. Ben Cohen together with Jerry Greenfield considered a $5 course in ice cream making from Penn State. Though Penn State no longer offers ice cream making course, it played a vital role in the success of the company. Ben & Jerry’s opened first shop in Vermont way back 1978 with only $12,000. The founders sold the brand to Uniliver in 2000 but they still maintained the product quality and brand integrity.


Burt’s Bees

In 1884, a chance encounter between a bee keeper and an artist who used wax to make candles founded a successful global business. Burt Shavitz and Roxanne Quimby started the company named Burt’s Bees. The company started with only $20,000 but in 2007, it was sold to Clorox with hefty $970 million. Shavitz had no part in the latest venture between Clorox because he unloaded his portion in 1999 for only $130,000.


Aldo is a shoe manufacturing company. It bears Aldo Bensadoun’s name. It opened in 1978 in Montreal. He was the grandson of a cobbler and the son of a shoe merchant – this explains why he is so passionate about shoes. The company was so successful that it is now worth $1.7 billion. Making Bensadoun a billionaire.


In 1908, Marquis Converse started a shoe company and named it Covnerse Rubber Shoe Company. Come 1920, sneakers were introduced in the market. The canvas basketball sneakers of the company were called “All Stars”. It does not end there because the company added “Chuck Taylor” to their logo named after their brand ambassador.

Victoria’s Secret

Truth is there are no really secrets behind the Victoria name. The founder was Roy Raymond – not even a Victoria. The businessman opened a lingerie store in 1977. He said that he was embarrassed to buy lingerie for his wife at the department store so he created one for all the women with his Victorian-inspired garments.