Must-Have White Pieces for Work and Play


One of the best colors that can be worn from day to night is white. Aside from it being very basic and timeless, it’s perfect to match with just about any outfit. Many women from Singapore agree that the following items are some of the must-have white pieces that each woman should have in her closet.

  1. White Button-Down Top

To all businesswomen and corporate women on the go, it is certainly a must to have a white button down top. You can pair it up with wide leg trousers, skirts or even jeans.

  1. White V-Neck Shirt

Every woman might agree that this is truly a white must-have. This is white piece can be used from work to play outfits if styled with the right pieces. You can wear a well-tailored blazer or a leather jacket with it. It’s really easy to wear with other clothing.

  1. White Tank Top

A white tank top is cool, casual and sexy chic all rolled into one. It’s best if you pair it with a long skirt or high-waist pants. If you want to transition it from business chic to Friday casual, wear it with a structured jacket or blazer and just take the pairing off so you can party.

  1. White Tote Bag

Tote bags are super trendy right now. If you’re wearing something with a blast of colors, then you can pair it with a white tote bag to complete any look you are going for.

  1. White Shorts/Skirt

Women need a casual white skirt and shorts in our closets. Make sure that you have pieces that have crisp and chic textures and a flattering cut. Then you can flair it with colored spaghetti straps or animal printed tops.

  1. White Dress

A plain white dress can open up a lot of styling opportunities. You can use it as a basic canvass and go crazy over your styling. You can have a white shift dress or something structured with overlay for business. You can also spice it up with colorful accessories.

  1. White Accessories

It’s a must that for any fashion conscious woman to have a white statement piece accessory. White accessories will not only take your style a notch higher or crank up your chicness, but it’s also really reliable and classic especially when everything’s too colorful and chaotic.

  1. White Sandals

For busy and stylish women, this is truly a must-have. It can be used casually or you can use it while going on a trip or vacation especially when you’re going to the beach.

  1. White Sneakers

Women on the go should always have a pair of white sneakers in her closet. This will come in handy all the time especially if you’re feeling a bit lazy and would want to rest your feet from all the heels.