Maximize Your Productivity at Home with These 5 Decor Tips

When designing your own home office, it’s important to keep in mind that you need to be as productive as you would when actually working in an office building. Having an environment or workplace reflect this allows you to feel more energized and inspired to take on different tasks.

There are a lot of simple decor tips and tricks you can use to get this done, such as the following:

1. Install a cork board
There’s no better way to make reminders and memos more tangible and appealing to the eyes than having these information tidbits organized on a cork board. In fact, a cork board should be a staple for every office or desk, no matter how big or small. The best place to hang them would be within your field of vision when facing your computer so that you’ll be able to see what tasks you need to work on.

2. Maximize your lighting
The easiest way to reduce eye strain and give yourself a quick energy boost in your workspace is to have lots of natural light by setting up your home office near a window and installing light, breezy curtains that let through as much air and light as possible. If that’s not possible, choosing bright white bulbs can make a difference in your energy levels when you’re busy at work.

3. Add practical storage
One of the biggest reasons a workspace or desk can look messy is because of the lack of proper storage for everything, so adding a few storage boxes to your home office can clear up a lot of the mess and keep everything in one place. Remember to color-code your storage boxes! This way, you not only have delightful hues to greet you when you get to work every day, but also an easy way to remember which office supplies are stored where.

4. Adding lively greenery
It’s easy to feel more drained when you don’t get enough fresh air or nature. However, there’s a way to get around this. If you fancy yourself a green thumb, the occasional potted plant will work wonders. Even if you’re not great at taking care of plants, getting a succulent or cactus can enhance your interior while purifying your air.

5. Choose inspiring colors
Colors can affect your mood a lot, so don’t hold back when choosing which ones you want for your home office. Here’s how color can affect your mood and make you more productive at work:

• Blue – Bluish hues stimulate the mind, which is great if you’re looking to be more productive and get more tasks done at work

• Yellow – Yellowish hues are more likely to inspire creativity, which is great if you’re a graphic designer or working a creative job

• Green – Greenish hues make you feel more calm and relaxed, which helps if you find your job particularly taxing on your eyes