Man’s Guide to Wearing a Watch

Now, the visible difference between a boy and a man is his watch. Once you decide to become serious with your appearance, this is when you start to invest in a good watch. Now, we all know that you can tell the time on your phone but why should you wear a watch? Well, a watch doesn’t just tell the time, a watch actually tells more of you. Your personality, status, and so many other factors are very visible when it comes to your accessories. Wearing a watch is very important if you are trying to perfect your image.

Now, why does a watch make you look like a man rather than a boy? Well, because the watch itself looks serious. Which is why when it comes to watches, we strongly suggest that you go for a classical looking watch rather than one of those modern digital watches. A digital watch sometimes just defeats the purpose. But this is not always the case. There are certain occasions when you shouldn’t go for the classical watch. This is when you are doing sports or something casual. The only excuse for you to wear a digital watch is when you are doing sports or something a bit more adventurous which obviously does not pay that much attention to style but rather function.

Going back to style, there are a lot of different watches around and something that only a few can rock but when they do work greatly to their advantage is wearing a leather or wooden watch. You heard us! Leather or wood. Being up to date with style means being a little bit more daring and for you to be able to sport a leather or wooden watch shows that you are not just serious but also very sophisticated and able to adjust to the trends of today. Trust us, sporting a wooden watch is harder than it seems.

Last of all, your watch should never go against your personality. If you aren’t someone who is into something too flashy, look for a watch that does not give that much glamour but still looks serious. There is a wide selection of watches out there just waiting for you to pick from.

Having a watch is one of the best investments a man can make. It speaks a different language making your personality a bit more clearer than when you do not wear a watch. The great part about watches is that if you really invest in a good watch, you can even pass it on to the next generation. There are a lot of people who sport watches that have been with the family for quite a while. This makes their watch priceless and it is a definite honor for someone to sport a watch that has been through their families throughout generations.