Learning How to Deal with a Breakup


What is the most awkward situation we experienced? Some will share about their jobs while others think of nothing but bumping into their ex’s. An unexpected encounter with an ex is almost always an awkward moment. There is always a possibility that we might bump them so it is still important that we know what to do.


Dealing with an unexpected encounter with our ex is not easy and we have to admit that sometimes, we do not know what to do. However, the first thing that comes to our mind is “why did I wear such horrible dress today of all days?”. That is just natural but what if our ex attempts to make a conversation? How we deal with our ex after an unexpected encounter depends on the circumstances of our breaking up.

Here are some circumstances of breakup and how we should deal with our ex after an unexpected encounter:

When it is time to let go

We have been in a steady relationship for the longest time but then things got messed up, we decided to break up. During this stage, it is important that we know when it is time to let go and be firm on our decision if we do not want the other person think that it is just another cool off. Then suddenly, we bumped him/her at the mall together with his/her parents. What should we do? To be courteous, we can just say “hi” to his/her parents and have a small talk with our ex.


Double date

College is a place where we learn a lot of things and meet a lot of people. To some, college is memorable because of their first relationship and breakup. If we broke up with our boyfriend/girlfriend after graduation, it must truly be heart-breaking. What if we encounter our ex with his/her current girlfriend and we are with our current girlfriend/boyfriend too? The polite thing to do is say “hi” and introduce our partner. This works so much that we can have a double date.

It is just been a week

The last thing that we want is to bump into our ex when it is only been a few days or weeks. The pain is still fresh but if we bump into them, we have to act strong. Instead of sulking or showing him/her how it affected us, we have to forget that awkward situation and offer our simple “hi”. Sure it is painful but it can make a difference at the end of the day.