Instagram Mistakes Social Media Marketers Should Avoid

When you’re in the path of trying to establish your brand’s credibility, the last thing you want is to get caught doing any of these embarrassing blunders listed below:

1. Buying followers and likes
This one is the most humiliating on the list, but unfortunately, buying likes and followers has no signs of dying down. Buying Instagram like and followers is like doing fraudulent acts, since most people who are doing this are making money and getting products for free based on their social media presence.

Moreover, buying followers and likes will not give you the return you want when it comes to your business’ bottom line. Instead of buying followers and likes, engage with the right consumers. leave genuine comments on other brands and engage with your followers who respond to your content; or better yet, run a raffle or a contest. Run a promo that asks consumers to follow your account and tag some of their friends to qualify for the prize. Do this more often, and you’ll see your followers increase exponentially in no time.

2. Using poor quality photos
When a user checks your Instagram, what impression does your account make about your brand? Using poor-quality images gives off unprofessional vibe, especially on Instagram. When you use blurry visuals on your page, it gives an impression that you don’t care much about your business.

Keep in mind that first impressions matter (a lot!) when it comes to your business’ social media presence, so ensure you are sporting the best looks possible.

3. Posting too much or too little
While you like watching long Instagram stories from your BFF, there is no chance you are sitting there going through 50-post long Instagram story of someone else. Do not be that brand. Doing such won’t even make you likeable, as your audience won’t likely be able to absorb it all. You are simply wasting time and resources by creating it.

On the other hand, brands that post seldomly makes you wonder if they are still in business. Ensure you post consistently to make sure that the public do not forget about you.

4. Being clueless about analytics
Imagine taking an exam and you never got your score back> it would surprise you when your final grade in your report card says that you flunked the class. The same unfortunate surprise might just happen when you do not make use of Instagram analytics.

You may be active in social media—posting the right products at the right pace—but are clueless of Instagram analytics. Ignoring this feature may result to missed out information that could help you design more effective campaigns in the future. The analytics will show you which content is getting good results, as well as which content is a waste of resources.

Perhaps, you’re guilty of some of these Instagram mistakes, but know that it’s never too late to correct your path. Keep in mind the tips above and never make the same mistake again.