Indulge Your Taste Buds

Indulging your taste buds is a great way to treat yourself. Luckily, there are many, many delectable dishes here in SG you can savour – and they don’t even cost much. Grab a bite of the following three dishes – the country’s most popular – and enjoy a flavourful bliss.


Rojak is a Malay salad dish made from fruits and vegetables with peanut sauce. A popular appetizer, it comes in different variations, with the most popular being the traditional rojak, Chinese rojak and Indian rojak. The Malay and Chinese versions uses soybean cake, fried flour, bean sprouts, pineapple, roasted peanuts, cucumber and various other vegetables, all coated with spicy prawn sauce. The Indian version is made of octopus, prawns, fish cakes, vegetables and baked potatoes. The best places to get rojak are in Katong, Bukit Merah, Orchard Road, CBD, Wisma Atria and the Grand Hyatt Hotel.

Roti Prata

Roti Prata is originally an Indian and Pakistani delicacy similar to a pancake, but made with a flat bread. Many people here enjoy Roti Prata breakfast. Some preferred it plain but other people pair it with curry or dhal with different variations of banana, ice cream, durian, cheese, chocolate and sugar. Roti Prata stalls are readily available. You will find it easily.


Everyone loves satay, which explains this dish’s ubiquity and variations. Basically skewered meat (either chicken, pork, goat, fish or beef) seasoned and cooked over charcoal, satay is served with a spicy peanut sauce, onions, rice cakes and cucumbers. It is served at hawkers, stalls, restaurants and food centres. If you want to grab a taste of it, you should head to Food Lagoon and Lau Pa Sat Festival Market.

One of the good things about these three food is that they can be found near shopping complexes, so once you have your tummy full, you can go aid your digestion by going shopping. Some of the top places to go after a nice meal are Chinatown, Kampong Glam and Little India.