Ideas for Wedding Reception Music

Wedding reception music is one of the major aspects in a wedding reception party. The reception music is the main object in entertaining and setting the mood of the celebration. Your wedding live music will either make or break the celebration that’s why choosing the right kind of Singapore wedding live band is as crucial as choosing a wedding dress. To help you decide for the right wedding live music, here are some wedding reception music ideas.


Outdoor Reception

For wedding reception held outdoors, a string quartet can be your best choice. You can also use the band if you’re planning to have an outdoor wedding ceremony. However, take into consideration that this type of band cannot play music in high volume and has limited choices of songs to play. So if you really want to have a string quartet, have them playing during dinner and cocktail when everyone is eating and socializing.

Live Band

Another option for your reception music is to hire a Singapore wedding live band. Hiring wedding live band Singapore is a popular choice for wedding reception entertainment. You can have this choice regardless of your wedding reception’s location. It’s also a plus if you hire a professional one like whiteribbon wedding live band from Singapore to provide live music in your wedding reception.


Another important thing you should keep in mind is the cost of wedding live band Singapore. Professional live bands tend to be really pricey and can eat up a huge amount of your wedding budget. That’s why brides prefer bands whose band leader or vocals can act as an emcee at the same time. The band leader will be the one to commence and close the event. By this, you will be able to save money.

CD Burn

This is one of the simplest options for Singapore wedding reception music. Burn all the songs you want to hear and assign someone to play the CD during the wedding reception party. This reception music solution is very economical and lets you sequence the songs the way you want it to be. If you opt for this option, take note of these following reminders.

• Assign someone to take charge of the playing of your CDs
• Assign someone to test the CDs on the venue’s sound equipment and make sure that all the CDs work perfectly.
• Make sure that all of your songs in the CD would last for the entire wedding reception.
• You also have to assign someone to act as an emcee to do all the announcement tasks.


Whatever reception music solution you come up with, always keep in mind that you have to designate songs for every part of the reception ceremony (i.e. father and daughter dance, first dance, dinner, cake cutting, etc.) to add impact and make it memorable to everyone. You would also not want to insert inappropriate music for any reception ceremony part. You can play slow and soft music while everyone is eating and fast tempo music for partying and dancing.