How to Reduce Bloating


We feel bloated because of constipation, too much swallowed air, the food and drinks that we consume every day and even due to excess wind absorbed by the body. With that, we seldom feel that our tummies are stretched out and swollen. There are a number of people who experience bloating all the time. In order to address that concern, here are ways on how to reduce bloating:


  1. Make exercising a daily habit. Be responsible and take care of your body. Do your sit-ups and hit the gym if you must. One way to reduce bloating is to sweat it out and to tone your muscles especially in the stomach area. You can schedule a routine exercise that you could do or you can sign up in extreme circuit exercises.


  1. Limit your gassy foods intake. Don’t eat too much gassy foods. Some examples of these are broccoli, beans, chewing gum, and many more. Carbonated drinks and beer are also major causes since they release carbon dioxide which is not too good for your tummy. If you do not want gas to build up in your stomach and intestines, limit consuming these types of foods.


  1. Sugar-free snacks should be avoided. Eat fewer sugar-free snacks. These contain artificial sweeteners that contribute to gastrointestinal distress. To circumvent bloating and diarrhea, constrain yourself in eating these snacks. Instead, treat yourself with healthy snacks like fruits but avoid apples, pears and peaches.


  1. Avoid smoking. Aside from the fact that smoking is bad for your health, it is also one of the main causes of bloating. Why? It is because when you smoke, you swallow air more than usual. Swallowing air is a no-no and could cause your stomach feel stuffed.


  1. Practice smart-eating. Experts suggest that instead of eating three meals a day, you can resort into eating five to six small meal portions. Through this, your intestines and stomach can adjust with the food intake and would give them enough time to digest and not be clogged. Eat some cucumbers, papayas and banana to help you out with digestion.


  1. Keep yourself hydrated. Water intake is very important to help your body digest all the food you eat. You might get a few more trips to the bathroom but hey that’s way better than feeling stressed out and bloated every day. Water is not expensive. You can even just drink from the tap as long as you know the source is clean.