How to Promote Events on Facebook

Facebook lets you post and share photos online. Facebook is the easiest way to get in touch and it is the fastest way to communicate. Facebook is indeed a gift to humanity. However, it does not end there for it is intensifying its social networking system. You should know that Facebook is beefing up another feature that will surely blow Singaporeans away.


Have you heard about Facebook’s ‘Events for You’? This is an event discovery tool designed for people who are craving for socialization. Before beefing the ‘Events for You’ Facebook has been suggesting events since 2011. According to other people, redesigning will take place. In fact, rumour has it that it is more organized. You will see all events placed on the right side of the screen and it will list all events that are recommended or suggested for you.

‘Event for You’ is actually an effective way to promote events using Facebook. If you are an event specialist here in Singapore, you can consider some of the tips provided below so you can promote events on Facebook.


  • Add share buttons: Once you set up your page with all details (like venue and how to purchase), the next thing to do is add share buttons in the registration page. Your goal is to increase numbers. Numbers mean more visitors. Visitors will perceive it as popular and would want to share it to others.
  • Add blurbs: There are people who are attracted to the images you present. It is important that you maximize your images found on your fan page. The dimensions should be 180px x 540px. You should take up all this space to be effective.
  • Promote registration page: You should be serious about promoting your registration page. As long as you regularly provide valuable contents on your page, you can promote links to your upcoming event.
  • Engage attendees: It should be mentioned that there are two ways to create an event on Facebook. You can either use your personal profile or you can make a fan page. Regardless, the best strategy is word of mouth. You should engage your attendees to write on your Facebook wall to encourage more people.

That should be enough. Promoting an event is not easy and it takes a lot of effort to encourage attendees but if you use the right channel, everything will fall into place. Using this, you are reaching more Singaporeans than you could count. With that, good luck!