How to Pick an Engagement Ring

Buying the right engagement ring can be a hassle for some people. The symbols surrounding one small item pressure lovers into thinking that choosing one takes a lot of time and effort. It doesn’t even help that society says you should buy only precious gemstones to symbolize love.

Here are tips on how to make shopping for a ring easier.

Keep in Mind Your Budget
When choosing a ring, you should establish how much you’re willing to spend. Tell the jeweler how much you have so he/she can give you options. If you have a particular gemstone in mind, it’s also good to ask about the range of prices. Buy only what you can afford. Don’t go into debt for one ring. It may seem cliche, but it’s not the ring that’s important.

Get the Ring Size
What good is a ring if it doesn’t fit? But what if you don’t want to spoil the surprise by asking his/her ring size? You can conspire with friends and family members to take his/her ring size. You could also ask someone to get one of his/her rings so you can take it to the jeweler. A lot of people have done it before, so you can too.

Pick the Gemstone
Diamonds shouldn’t be the only gems you should consider. The idea that only the most precious stone, diamond, is fit for an engagement ring is a marketing ploy. Other precious stones include emerald, sapphire and ruby. There are semi-precious stones too. When choosing the gems, consider the cut, size and type of setting. The metal band used to hold the gem will also be a factor in the price.

Consider the Personality
Keep in mind your partner’s preferences and personality. Is he/is the type who likes flashy designs? Does he/she like gold, silver or platinum? Is there a gemstone that he/she prefers? The ring should reflect his/her personality. You’re getting married to the person and not the ring after all.

Take Note of Gemstone Cuts
The cut of the gems will also be factored into the pricing. The cut refers to the shape. The proportions and angles will show how much light is reflected on the surface. The color is also important. Not all diamonds, for example, are colorless. Gemstones are also classified according to clarity. The clearer the gem, the more expensive it is.

Consider Customized Rings
Go the extra mile by opting for customized rings. The unique ring is more personalized. Talk to the jeweler about coming up with a design that will reflect your partner’s preferences and symbolize your love for each other.

Ask for Advice
Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others who have gone through the process before. They could recommend jewelers and shops for you. Consult your partner’s friends and family. You don’t have to give your partner what he/she exactly wants, because he/she will still appreciate the effort.