How to Fabulously Survive a Long-Haul Flight  

Do you want to know how to enjoy long hours of flight? Fly private. However, if you’re one of us who just don’t have that luxury in life, there several tricks you can do to fabulously survive a long-haul flight.


  1. Get a Convenient Seat

You have three options for this. First, pick a good seat when booking your flight. Choose a seat nearest to the aisle, window, or entry point. As much as possible, never choose a seat next to the bathroom. Trust us, you’ll not like it there! Second, if unhappy with your first choice, try to see if there are open seats when you check in and ask if you can switch seats. If the airport agent doesn’t allow you, this brings us to your last option, upgrade your seat—or else you’ll have to fly uncomfortably and miserably for 15 hours.

  1. Sleep As Much As You Can

The less time you are awake to realize how boring a 23-hour flight is, the better. For a long flight, this is the best time to pop some sleeping aid. Also,, don’t forget to bring an eye mask with you. Since you have very limited control of the lighting of the place, an eye mask will save you from uncomfortable glare.


  1. Hydrate

Hours of exposure in a circulated area can be dehydrating, so always have a bottle of water with you. Of course, don’t forget your skin. When you wake up from hours of sleep, start moisturizing by wiping your face with pre-moistened facial wipes. Then, apply some eye masks to de-puff and brighten your under-eyes. Lastly, slather on some face moisturizer to totally rehydrate your face.

  1. Refresh

After prepping up your skin, it’s time to wasp the smell away. Head to the bathroom and brush your teeth or use mouthwash strips to freshen your breath.  Don’t forget to swab some deo and a couple of sprits of cologne to mask the stench.  Remember though that this is just a temporary fix—not a substitute for shower. Once you get to the hotel, that’s the first thing to do.

  1. Reapply Your Makeup

When crammed in a small space, such the plane bathroom or your plane seat, it’s best to stick to the necessaries that will make you look fresh. Nobody has got time for smoky eyes and sharp contours, so we suggest putting on just some under-eye concealer, a bit of blush, a coat of mascara, and a swipe of lipgloss. Now you’re ready to fabulously face the world again.

Long flights can really be dreadful. But because we don’t have any other choice to get much faster to an overseas destination, all we can do is to adjust and make sure we have everything we need to make our flight as convenient and comfortable as possible.