How to Cultivate Our Child’s Self-esteem  


When a grown-up loses self-esteem, the foundation is not that strong. It is therefore important that we cultivate our children’s self-esteem so they can go placidly amidst the chaos and the trouble. When we hear of self-esteem, it refers to a person’s respect for his/her self and their abilities. Other people also understand self-esteem as a satisfaction and confidence in oneself.


It is safe to say that self-esteem is the armour that can shield our children against the world. If our children know their weaknesses and strengths, they can handle conflicts at the same time shunning negative pressures. For children with low self-esteem, they will find it difficult to avoid anxiety and frustration. As parents, we just want to make sure that our children grow happy, worthy and unafraid.

It is important that we help cultivate self-esteem early on so there can be changes. Once our children reach adulthood with self-esteem issues, it is difficult to help them. Maintaining balanced self-esteem is effective if we start early. Our goal here is to make our children realize their capabilities and maintain a positive perception about their selves.

So, how do we know if our child has low or healthy self-esteem? Well, a person with low self-esteem often speaks about “I’m stupid” or “What’s the point?” A person with healthy self-esteem often speaks of “I do not understand” because only a person who knows their capabilities can say this without belittling others and themselves. They just accept them and move forward.

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If we think our kids have low self-esteem, it is time that we act. Here are some ways to cultivate their self-esteem:

  • Let us be careful of what we say: Children tend to be overly sensitive. With this, we have to be careful of what we say because it might create a lasting effect on them. Let us always remember to give praise instead of constantly pushing them to do even better.
  • Let us be a positive role model: We cannot talk about self-esteem if we are harsh about ourselves. Our children will eventually take after us so it is crucial that we become a positive role model by boosting our self-esteem.
  • Let us be affectionate: Not all parents realize that affection can create a lasting impact. The love that we show to our kids can boost their self-esteem. We should continually give hugs and tell them that we are proud of them no matter what. It is our responsibility to create a loving and safe home environment.