How to be Your Own Cheerleader


Have you ever felt that none of your friends or family are really excited about your career plans? Sometimes, that happens. It is naturally hard to keep pressing on when your support system doesn’t seem to support you. This does not mean that you should be questioning yourself and your choices, or that you should cut your dreams into size. Finding your inner courage to become your own supporter is the first step in taking the unconventional path that most people are reluctant to take. Here are few things to help you get through the self-doubts during lonely days:

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  1. Spend some “me time”

In your daily life, you will come across different ideas and information. You will receive advices, suggestions, and witness real life experiences unfolding right before you. Once you have accumulated a certain amount of experience, give yourself a time to digest everything while you assess your own opinion and feelings. Ideally, spend at least 10-15 minutes of meditation before going to bed to set your mind to rest and another moment in the morning to gain a better perspective for the day.

  1. Monitor your small and big successes

Before doing this, make sure that you measure yourself only against yourself. It can be tempting to browse through the social media and check out what people have been accomplishing these days but you need to focus on your own success. If you should compare yourself to someone (in terms of progress), it shouldn’t be a friend or an acquaintance, but a person who is 20–30 years older than you—because he/she could give you a clear benchmark for your own future. Above all, keep track whether you are heading towards your goals and the things that are important to you, without forgetting to pat yourself on the back on your successes.

  1. Make a reality check

Aside from looking at your inner success, be mindful of laying out the realities to yourself as well. Be totally honest with yourself about the issues that are confronting you such as weaknesses that may have been causing you to fall behind and make an action plan to address it. Do you want a promotion? Stop being jealous over your colleague and start working hard for it.


  1. Make a second look at who you spend your time with

It is undeniable that the people who surround us create some sort of influence—whether big or not, they still do. If the persons you are spending time with are making you question your goals or are bringing negative vibes to your life, then it’s time to cut them off. Remind yourself to surround yourself with people whom you want to be like and who shares similar mind like you. If you cannot find any from your existing circle of friends, make new ones. Join organizations or groups that promote your field of interests or read blogs of people who have been in your same situation.

  1. Confront your fear

In your course to achieve your goals, it is weird if your fears don’t haunt you. As what a saying goes, “if you don’t feel afraid, then your dreams are not big enough.” Ask yourself and answer with a brutally honest response about where the fear is coming from. Ask and think of the worse outcome and then evaluate if it is something you can handle. I it’s not that worse, then it’s just an irrational response, by which fears, are usually are.