Google Map Tricks You Can Use on Your Next Trip

While hopping off the plane in a new city with no real plans sounds exciting, keeping a list of must-see sceneries and having an idea of your bearings will certainly help in making the most of your trip. That’s just where Google Maps comes into the picture. Aside from performing a typical directions check, there are various ways on how you can use this amazing app, and some of those ways are as follows:

1. Saving Your Direction Research

When you find a place in Google Maps app, there’s the option to “star” the location. You can place a star on a particular restaurant or an entire neighbourhood, and these places will be seen as small stars when you browse through the app at a later time. This trick ensures that you won’t forget a particular place as you travel around.

2. Choosing the Best Hotel

After marking attractions, hotels and restaurants you’re interested in, you’ll see a visual maps of the best areas to stay to. Different stops might be spread out across neighbouring towns, but you’ll likely have a cluster of starred locations in a certain area. If you’ll be staying in an area that requires a daily drive, then the star clusters can be a huge help to determine where you should spend each day of your getaway.

3. Creating Custom Maps

A lesser-known feature of this app is its ability to create shareable custom maps. With this, you’re able to choose colours and icons to symbolise different places, add comments, and collaborate with your family and friends. Custom maps are a great help if you’re planning a vacation that involves some logistical planning.

4. Offering Information About Places

Google Maps offer a lot more functionality and information than simply finding the fastest route. Not only will you be able to scan through photographs of various destinations or check the operating hours of establishments, you’ll also be able to read a location synopsis on Wikipedia, set reservations on OpenTable, and read through user reviews.

5. Deciphering Public Transportation
Another Google Maps trick you can use on your next trip is checking up on train and bus times to any location. All you’ve got to do is key in the location you want to travel to in directions, then tap on the transportation button. Choose options to specify what mode you prefer.

The beauty of travelling is you get to explore new places and discover new cultures, and Google Maps could help you achieve just that. So be sure to keep these tips in mind to make planning your next vacation easier, as well as to make the most out of your trip.