Features to Look For in Buying the Best Paper Shredders

A lot of people ask whether they really need to be using a paper shredder. A bigger question is whether they need to own one at their homes. I’d say it’s really up to you. If you value your security and want to keep personal and confidential information from falling into the wrong hands, then a paper shredder can help you ensure that. Apart from security, using paper shredders can also be a great way to keep the environment in Singapore clean and green. You’re not only able to recycle but you also get to save a lot of trees from being cut down due to high demand for new paper production. So if you’re planning to get one for whatever purpose, here’s a guide on what to look for to find the best paper shredder.


What You’ll Be Shredding

Have you decided how and what you’re going to use the paper shredder for? The right paper shredder in the office may not be the right one for your personal use. Needless to say, a paper shredder can work well with pieces of paper and documents. But are these the only things your shredder is for or would you also be shredding credit cards, CDs, DVDs, and the like?

The Shredder’s Capacity

Once you’ve decided on what you’ll be shredding, you can start thinking about how much you intend to shred in a day. How often will you be using the shredding? A shredder for a home or small office with light shredding demands can take a feed capacity of 6 to 24 sheets at a time.

The Shredder’s Limit


Have you decided how much timeyou’re willing to spend on the task of shredding? Do you prefer spending bits of your time on the task or do you think it wiser to just do the task in one big bulk? This is important because a paper shredder has a maximum shredding limit and will automatically shut itself down once this limit is reached. By then you’ll have to wait for the device to completely cool down before you can restart on your task again.

The Shredder’s Performance

Make a worthwhile investment on your paper shredder purchase by making sure it will serve your purpose and last for a good period of time. A great paper shredder should be jam-free – you know how frustrating this can be! A paper shredder should also be able to shred plastic materials like CDs, DVDs, and credit cards without premature wear and tear. You should also know that these devices are gauged on the level of security they can provide. So find one that’s just right for you.

The Shredder’s Safety Measures

You might one to consider this as a priority if you have kids or pets at home. It’s not that paper shredders are dangerous machines. But sometimes accidents happen and they do happen. Good thing that most paper shredders now come with great safety measures that are specific for keeping your kids and pets safe.