Familiarizing Yourself with Bus Service Reliability Framework Scheme

Commuters are happy to know that Land Transport Authority (LTA) is finding more ways to improve bus services throughout the island. In fact, starting in February 2014, there will be a scheme that will give incentives-penalties depending on the performance or reliability of the buses. The scheme is called the Bus Service Reliability Framework. This scheme will cover twenty two bus services.


If you are curious about the Bus Service Reliability Framework, you should know the following things:

The Nature of the Scheme

Bus Service Reliability Framework is like the quality standards established by other countries such as Australia and Great Britain. Australia and Great Britain are serious about measuring the actual time of arrival in every bus stop along the way. This system is made to encourage bus operators to arrive on time. There will be twenty two bus services that will cover the scheme. You should know that this is only a pilot scheme or programme for two years. LTA will give the Bus Service Reliability Framework two years. After that period, evaluations and assessments will be made to address issues and improve the system to include all bus services.


The System of the Scheme

It was mentioned earlier that the Bus Service Reliability Framework is an incentives-penalties system. This means that buses can get a merit or demerit depending on their performance or reliability. Of course buses want a merit to invite more commuters. The bus arrivals will be gauged by LTA using GPS trackers. Every month, bus operators will receive average scores. For example, if SMRT and SBS Transit arrive late, they will be penalized up to S$4000 per month. If they arrive on time, they will receive monetary reward up to S$6000 per month.

As a commuter, this is good news. Waiting will be easier and more convenient. Apart from the Bus Service Reliability Framework, LTA will implement the Bus Service Enhancement Programme (BSEP) by the end of this year to further help the commuters. Under the BSEP, there will be five hundred fifty buses more in the streets of Singapore. With this, BSEP will represent a 20% increase when it comes to bus services.

This goes to show that LTA is very serious about improving the capacity and reliability of public transport. These schemes or programmes are long term solutions for the commuters and the LTA is doing its best to do everything they can to make the lives of commuter easier and more comfortable. There are other improvements underway. You should watch for it and take advantage of it.