Factors to Consider in Selecting Journalism Course

Journalism is an exciting yet challenging vocation to take on. On the other hand, it may be a life threatening course. Moreover, being in the field of journalism is a chance to meet, see and feel the human race – their emotion, situation and own opinion about everything. There will also be a possibility that you will end up feeding those people who are affected by a natural calamity or perhaps a man-made tragedy.


Obviously, journalism is a career for young individuals who are extremely dedicated about writing, researching and talented youngsters who are passionate about the job. However, journalism is not an easy course to pass because before you can complete a degree in this vocation, you will really need to climb the top to get your prize.


In this course, there are a lot of things to consider. One is money. Money is the most essential need of almost all individuals. Here in Singapore, even though many people think that it’s a rich country, this doesn’t actually mean that all people living here are also wealthy. In fact, there are some individuals who have chosen to belong on the average. On the other hand, these are the additional factors to consider in journalism vocation:

  • Good relationship with mentors – Since there are no ways quick ways to be a journalist, you really need to exert effort in listening about what your mentors will teach you. Remember that it is for your own good.
  • Great interest in writing as well as reading – Usually, talented writers has these characteristics but when it is properly improved, it will be easier to be a good in the vocation.