Exterior House Paint Pointers

Frequent weather changes can damage your house’s exterior appearance. The constant rain and shine can greatly affect how the paint colours would look. In countries like Singapore, where the sun can be really hot during summer season and the rain can be really excessive during wet season, regular house painting maintenance should be done. So, before you go cherry picking for your house painting colours, read first these pointers to help you get started.


1. Paint Colour Deception

Be careful in choosing house paint colours in store display palettes, or in liquid form. Oftentimes, they look completely different when painted on different surfaces. Ask for advices from your painting services contractor regarding the colours you want to have. Try the colours first before buying gallons of them. Start by buying small cans of your chosen hues and paint small amounts on the part of the house where you intend to put it.

2. Colour Combination

Experimenting colour combinations could be fun, but on canvases not on houses. Plan the right colour combinations with your painting provider so as not to make your house look weird or funny. Considering the colour of the surroundings and your neighbours’ houses is also advisable. Your chosen colour combination should harmonize with the surroundings.


3. Protection

Another important thing you have to consider when choosing a type of house paint from cheap painting services in Singapore is the protection it can provide to the painting surface. Your home’s exterior will be completely exposed to heat and rain, especially when you live in Singapore. Too much heat and excessive rain can greatly damage your home’s exterior. That’s why painting services in Singapore provide good quality house painting works to ensure durability of the houses under frequent weather changes.

4. Fading

Colour fading is one of the problems carried by darker shades and hues. If you plan of having dark colour palette or a colour combination including dark colours, you have to know that these colours can fade easily over time. Dark shades of blue and red, for example, can fade easily after a few years and repainting small faded areas can be challenging since you will have to find the exact same shade that matches the original paint. Ask your painting services contractor for some advices if you really want to include dark hues on your colour palette.

Picking the right colours and theme for your home will not only make it look new but will also give your home an instant face lift. Therefore, it is highly advisable not to rush the picking of colours and to hire a professional painting services provider to help you out with your painting concerns.