Everything You Need to Know About Over-Illumination

Not all Singaporeans are aware of a different kind of pollution – light pollution. The most common pollution is air but light can also be as detrimental to your health and the ecosystem. Light pollution is one side effect of urbanization and development. With this in mind, it is important that you know things about light pollution.

Light pollution is the excessive use of light. It has different types from glare to over-illumination. This article will discuss one type of light pollution – over-illumination. When you hear over-illumination, it refers to the intensity of light higher than which is suitable for a particular activity. Here are the things that you need to know about over-illumination:


There are several causes of over-illumination. One cause is the use of electrical lights in replacement for natural light. There are some cases that over-illumination is necessary. For example, retail stores stay over-illuminated overnight because it keeps the bad guys away.

Health effects

Over-illumination can have a lasting effect on the health of the people around. Light too intense can significant affect the surroundings. Studies link over-illumination to headaches, stress, fatigue and anxiety. There are even studies who claim that migraine is stimulated because of intense lighting.
Are you familiar with circadian rhythm? Over-illumination can also affect your circadian rhythm. When over-illumination affects your circadian phase because of wrong timing or too much light, it disrupts the production of melatonin.

Energy Contemplations

Many advertisers or owners of stores use this strategy to entice customer. While this is an effective strategy, it can be very expensive. Remember that using too much light will lead to increased electricity consumption which is synonymous to higher cost or electricity. The good news is that owners can easily address over-illumination if they give it a chance.

For example, not leaving the lights on when exiting the room can help decrease energy consumption. During the daytime, make good use of the natural lighting instead of over-illuminating the office. If there are large windows, utilize it well. With this, architectural design can help decrease light pollution. Many modern buildings these days have different fixture to reduce the use of energy. Never forget the type of light bulbs you use will make a difference. The efficiency of lights will vary like in the case of fluorescent lights, incandescent lights and LEDs.

Over-illumination sounds harmless for others thereby ignoring it but you have to be aware that as time goes by, it can be detrimental. If you can help it, do not overdo your lighting.