Common Beauty Problems Men and Women Face

Nobody’s perfect. One way or another, we all have imperfections. These imperfections are mainly seen on our bodies and most especially on our faces. We may be aware of such problems and become insecure and shy because of it but let us just accept things as they are and try to find ways on how to solve them. Some men and women have the following kinds of beauty problems that you may relate to:


  1. Hairy Moles. Well, these are not too annoying but they are not that pleasing to look at especially if your mole is located in your face. Some people looking at you may get distracted with all the hair they could see in your moles. Some people who have this problem usually cover up the portion of their face with a hairy mole with handkerchief just to avoid people from staring. Possible remedies are to pluck the hair from time to time and just have the mole removed in a derma clinic.


  1. Eye Dandruff. If you think that dandruff can only fall from your scalp, watch closely again. Dandruff developed on your eyebrows and eyelashes is caused by an over production of yeast on our skin. You have to wash your face all the time and make sure to apply some cream to the affected areas in order to prevent them.


  1. Acne. The major causes of acne are stress, genes, hormones and the environment that you expose yourself into. Washing your face all the time with gentle soap, applying creams specifically made to cure acne and keeping yourself away from stress and dirty surroundings can help prevent such problem.


  1. Warts. This is a type of Human Papilloma Virus infection picked up from another person or the environment. They are not that easy to look at so might as well consult your dermatologist and have it removed.


  1. Cold Sores. These are usually called fever blisters and can be seen around the lips and nose areas. You have to be careful since these are highly contagious herpes infections. Too much sun exposure can also cause this problem. Always have it checked in order to know what treatments you need to take in order to cure it.


  1. Dark Armpits. There are a lot of men and women who have this five o’clock shadow lurking over their armpits. This is due to elevated levels of testosterone, genes and the use of strong deodorants. In order to help fix the problem, you should do depilatories, waxing or plucking (don’t shave as it triggers it to darken more).