Clean BBQ Wholesale Food Served Guide

Whether you are throwing a backyard BBQ catering party for friends in Singapore, selling BBQ wholesale taking the grill along on a picnic or planning to hold an event where BBQ food will be the main course, there are certain safety tips that you need to keep in mind. This is because there are many potential health problems associated with cooking meats on hot charcoals. Especially during summers, BBQ wholesale providers have to be extra careful as there are certain bacteria that thrive in summer conditions and can harm the guests when they eat your BBQ food.

BBQ wholesale food is healthy, but preparing it needs caution

BBQ food and BBQ wholesale has become very popular in Singapore and more and more people are opting for grilled food option when it comes to events as it provides a welcome change in taste and flavor from everyday food in homes and hotels. There are scores of BBQ catering services in the city state with each having its own unique specialty and features. These BBQ catering services have to be constantly alert to keep their clean BBQ food served at parties and events free from bacteria and other harmful effects.

Undercooked meat can lead to food poisoning. There is this fact of meats perishing much earlier than vegetables requiring you to keep them in refrigerator as soon as you bring them home. Whether a backyard party or a big event being held near the pool, sellers of BBQ catering should keep meats clean and refrigerated till the last moment and brining them out to be grilled when the party is about to begin. Another point to keep in mind when eating BBQ food from a BBQ wholesale Singapore company is to make sure the dish is not over burnt from one side while it remains raw from the other side. Experts believe eating such a dish is an open invitation to food poisoning.

If you have been to BBQ wholesale shops, you are sure to come back with tips and advices as to how to prepare the most popular BBQ dishes in like satay and otah. Hardly any BBQ event is complete without otah and satay, and if you give ears to advices from BBQ wholesale or BBQ catering, you will learn to prepare both satay and otah to hold your BBQ parties for your friends in your backyard frequently. While satay is grilled balls of meat using skewers, otah is brain of fish served fresh with sauces.

  • Never leave BBQ dishes undercooked. While guests may eat them under the influence of alcohol, they can cause food poisoning. So make sure the food is not undercooked. For this, BBQ wholesale providers need to learn how much time different cuts of meat take to be properly cooked from all sides.
  • Bacteria from undercooked meat quickly spread to well cook meat. So if you feel a few pieces are undercooked, separate them from overcooked pieces so that cooked meat remains germ free.
  • Never forget to thaw frozen meat properly before cooking it as BBQ food.  Do not take frozen meat out of refrigerator at the 11th hour as it takes time to thaw.

If you look closely, you would find that most of the barbeque parties are arranged during summers, and this also happens to be the time that presents favorable conditions for bacteria to thrive upon. Cases of food poisoning because of BBQ food or poor BBQ wholesale practice during summers are more than double during summers. While food poisoning gets cured within a week, there are cases that are severe and require hospitalization. This is why in most BBQ products in Singapore stress is laid upon safety tips to prevent any such condition and to keep BBQ food absolutely safe to consume. Here are a few tips to prevent food poisoning BBQ food or from a BBQ catering provider.