Cheapest Travel Destinations in Asia

Thanks to their cheap lifestyle and thriving backpacker culture, Asia has always been one of the prime destinations for most adventurers. Cities like Hanoi and Bangkok have long been recognized as some of the places where the dollar’s value can be stretched. Other than these cities, there are also other places in Asia where travelling doesn’t necessarily come with a price and here are five of the cheapest travel destinations in Asia.


  1. Pokhara, Nepal

Known as one of the backpacker havens, Pokhara offers a huge array of budget, and premium and mid-range hotel choices for travellers. Its sheer number of outdoor activities is what makes it possible to customize one’s cost-effective stay. While its towns offer tons of trek sites for adventurers, non-thrill seekers also have the option of spending their day paddling in the middle of Phewa Lake, or checking out one of the most stunning waterfall in Nepal, Davi’s Fall. You’ll also never go hungry in the streets of Nepal since their street foods only costs pennies, while a nicer dinner won’t cost you more than five dollars.

  1. Vientiane, Laos

What adds to the Laotian capital’s charm is that it resembles a riverside town instead of the country’s political centre. Its location is largely walkable and it doesn’t have the tourist-inflated prices that foreigner-packed places like Vang Vieng has. In fact, having a nice meal, downing a few beers and wandering the whole place will barely cost you a few dollars.

  1. Sapa, Vietnam

As a whole, Vietnam has been known as a haven for saving money for most backpackers. It is home to world’s cheapest hoi bia, and beer. Also, with just five dollars you can already rent a motorbike to tour Sapa and its neighbouring villages. Another reason that makes Sapa an ideal location to visit is that it sits right in the centre of the best sceneries in Vietnam. If you save even more, backpackers recommend visiting the place during winter as entry visas are cheaper during this time than in summertime.


  1. Bagan, Myanmar

If you’re considering visiting a place full of pagodas, temples and stupas, then Bagan is the place to be. Just by renting a bike, you can already tour its temple-dotted landscape throughout the day. Another way to explore its lovely sights is by riding a horse-drawn cart, which is total steal at just around 20 dollars compared with the 300-dollar hot air balloon ride just to see the sunrise over the temples. Like in other Asian countries, their food and drinks are also dirt cheap.

  1. Sihanoukville, Cambodia

Eating street foods and spending your whole time in the beach is what makes a truly cheap stay at Sihanoukville. Other than that, you can also go on boat trips to nearby islands for just 20 dollars, or be daring enough to try windsurfing or go on a 4×4 excursion without putting so much strain on your bank account. After that, you can just go back to your guesthouse, enjoy some cheap beer and see the beautiful sunset.

Experiencing Asian culture has now become easier thanks to these cheap travel destinations. Get to experience it yourself and cross out each place in your must-go-to places now.