What You Need to Know about South Korea Ferry Disaster

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It is very heart breaking when you hear disasters or tragedies that claimed hundreds of lives of people. We are not yet over with what happened to flight MH370 and now we are dealing with South Korea’s ferry disaster. The disaster claimed hundreds of lives of Koreans. We cannot foresee the future but the accident could’ve been prevented.


Koreans are very angry of the fate of MV Sewol. In fact, the Prime Minister has tendered his resignation because of the accident. The actions taken by the parties are poorly handled thereby harbouring mass discontentment among many Koreans. The disaster is known to the world. Singaporeans are joining Koreans in their mourning.

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  • What happened? MV Sewol (if it is literally translated, it means Beyond the World) was set to go to Jeju City. It came from Incheon. The ferry capsized. The ferry took 2 and half hours to go down. It was May 18 at around 1:03 pm KST (Korea Standard Time) the ferry was completely immersed.
  • Who were the victims? According to the manifest, MV Sewol carried 476 passengers. Most of the passengers were secondary school students from Ansan City’s Danwon High School. As of April 27, 187 of the passengers were confirmed dead. There are still 115 missing passengers. 174 people survived.     
  • What caused the incident? There are many theories behind the capsizing of MV Sewol bu the investigators are leaning more in the theory of sharp right turn which happened between 8:48-8:49am KST. Survivors recalled that they heard a loud bang and feeling of tilting.   
  • The aftermath: Efforts are still on-going for the search and rescue of the remaining passengers. Japan and United States are extending their help. Initial reports stated that there are more or less 368 survivors. The search and rescue operations remained a challenge because of the strong currents. Despite the difficulty, rescue operations will not stop to give the families what are due them.

It is important that you know the “seaworthiness” of the ferry. MV Sewol was made by a Japanese company. Its length was approximately 146 metres. Its width was approximately 22 metres. It could carry a maximum of 956 passengers. Apart from passengers, it could also carry more than 200 cards and shipping containers. It was about 6,825 tons.

Singaporeans are continually praying for the families of the passengers. This incident will serve as a warning to the world but unfortunately it took many lives.