6 Diet Mistakes That Only Make You Crave Food More  

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Cravings, an extremely frustrating experience, especially when you’re trying to lose some pounds or even just maintain your weight. You might probably even be torn between indulging the food that you’re craving for and doing what you’re supposed to do to keep off the pounds, and a lot of our daily habits even make these cravings worse that we often find it difficult to make good, healthy decisions. But that doesn’t entirely mean that you can’t do something about it. Take control of your cravings by learning and correcting these health mistakes that you might be doing.


  1. You Skip Breakfast

Even if you’re not really hungry in the morning, consuming some calories will help keep cravings at bay later in the day. Some studies showed that overweight Singapore girls who ate 350-calories worth of breakfast with 13 grams of protein experienced a reduced desire to eat sweet and savoury snacks compared to those who regularly skip their breakfast. Although it isn’t fully proven yet, protein is believed to help stimulate the release of dopamine, a neurotransmitter that helps in controlling the reward and pleasure centres of the brain, which can be helpful in managing cravings.

  1. You Consume Big Snack Servings 

Another mistake that might be making your cravings worse is consuming bigger snack portions. As opposed to relieving cravings by indulging on bigger food servings, a study presented by researchers from Cornell University found that individuals who were only given small snack-sized portions of potato chips, chocolate, or apple pie reported feeling as satisfied as those who consumed larger servings. So satisfy yourself with a small serving, and wait for your craving to subside after a few minutes.

  1. You’re Unaware Of The Reason Why You’re Craving

Can’t get your hands off a bag of cheesy chips? Well, if you really can’t understand why you can’t stop munching on it, then you won’t be able to do something about it. Singapore health experts recommend keeping a cravings journal as it will give you a better understanding about your cravings, as well as the ways on how you can manage it. When your craving hits, simply jot down your emotions – you’re anxious, bored, stressed or tired. Eventually, you’ll be able to pick out a pattern and learn to deal with it head on.


  1. You Feel Guilty On Satisfying Your Craving

Being guilty about indulging on a particular food will actually make your cravings worse instead of keeping it off. Why? The guilt feeling will only make you ignore your thoughts, which actually causes you to obsess on the food even more. So rather than feeling ashamed of eating the food, just delight on it and let yourself enjoy the snack.

  1. You Fight Cravings With Willpower

Using you willpower to handle your cravings won’t always work, as it only causes people to feel awful when they eventually give in to their cravings. A more winning strategy to practice? Get distracted. Doing something while you’re craving actually reduces the strength of the yearning compared to waiting for it to completely subside. Cravings don’t really around for too long, so you just need to momentarily stick it out.

Fighting off cravings is not easy at first. But as you learn the reason behind it and how you can properly manage it, keeping it at bay together with the pounds that it carries is already easy.