2013 Google Trending Searches in Singapore

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When you canvass households here in Singapore, you will see that most have computer units with reliable internet connection. When you visit workplaces and educational institutions, computers and internet are present because it is crucial in everyday operations. Internet has become a part of our lives. Some find it helpful while there are others that find it a distraction. Regardless of what you think, you still need to know the 2013 Google Trending Searches here in Singapore.

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Google released its top ten trending searches here in Singapore. The list will give a picture of what occupied the minds of Singaporeans over the previous year. The list was published on December 26, 2013. The list was derived based on the topics with the highest search volume. If you want to know the details, here’s the top 10 Google Trending Searches in Singapore (in order):

1.       PSI Singapore

If you can remember, Singapore suffered hazy conditions in 2013. With this, people are becoming aware of the PSI (Pollutant Standards Index). This system effectively gauges the pollution levels. The system is designed by the USEPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency). NEA (National Environment Agency) issues 3 hour PSI advisories.

2.       Harlem Shake

Harlem shake was a dance craze that hit Singapore and the whole world in 2013. Harlem shake is appealing to many people because of its freedom. Freedom in the sense that you are allowed to dance or move whatever you want. Synchronizing is not an issue as long as you shake your body.

3.       Little India Riot

On December 8, 2013, Singaporeans saw a riot at Little India. There were many people involved in the riots. Many people (most of them are foreign workers) who participated in the riot. In fact there were rioters deported.


4.       Anonymous

Hacking was prevalent in 2013. Some of the hacking was admitted by Anonymous. Anonymous is an international network comprised of “hack-tivists” and activist.  The group mainly attacks corporate, religious and government websites.

5.       N95 Mask

With the haze conditions and the rising PSI levels, people searched about N95 mask. N95 masks are used to effectively filter airborne particulates that can harm the body. NEA posted the things that you need to know about N95 masks at their website.

6.       Malaysia Election

Singaporeans searched for the Malaysia Election. The election was held on May 5, 2013. This was a significant event because of the dissolution of Malaysia’s Parliament. The dissolution was announced by the Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak.

7.       Deepavali 2013

Deepavali is a famous Hindu Holiday that celebrates the festival of lights. Many people find this appealing because of the lighting of the candles and lamps. It is the Hindu Advisory Board that advises the date of Deepavali.

8.       Gwiyomi

Gwiyomi was a hit song from a South Korean singer Hari. The song was officially released on February 18, 2013. The song was a hit because of its gesture which is called the Gwiyomi Player. The gesture became an internet sensation.

9.       Boston
When people heard about the Boston Marathon bombings, searches about it were noted. There were many Singaporeans who searched about Boston Marathon. The bombings happened on April 15, 2013.

10.   Tampines Accident

On January 28, 2013, there was a fatal accident that claimed the lives of two brothers at the crossing of Tampines Street 45 and Tampines Avenue 9. The accident was caused by a negligent cement mixer driver. The accident sparked road safety for heavy vehicles.



The Popularity of Social Media

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There is a global survey called Wave 7. This survey seeks to track the global shifts of social media scene in the last seven years. According to this survey, Singaporeans and the rest of Asia are the leading social media users. When you say social media, it refers to the interaction of people online. The interaction covers creating, exchanging and sharing of information in the virtual world. There are many classifications of social media. It may take different forms which includes:

  • Video Streaming – The most common activity online is video streaming. 84% of Singaporeans indulge in the activity. Only 30% said that they will produce videos to be posted online.
  • social-media-confusion1Blogging – Singaporeans are also fond of reading blogs. There is about 62% of Singaporeans who admitted that they read blogs. But there is only 28% of Singaporeans who are active in writing or publishing their own blogs.
  • Social networking – Social networking here in Singapore and the whole of Southeast Asia did not diminish. Social networking (like Facebook and Twitter) satisfy the needs of people.
  • Microblogging – Singaporeans also read microblogs. There are 40% of Singaporeans who adopted microblogging. But this rate is slow comparing to the Chinese with 86%.
  • Researching – Singaporeans are also into researching. 70% of Singaporeans use the social media to thoroughly research something.

Apart from that, podcasts, internet forums, wikis and other platforms are considered social media. While this is good, other people noted its negative impact. The privacy for instance is threatened. Social media can also affect interpersonal relationship. When you are indulged in the activities mentioned above, you should keep in mind to balance everything.