5 Self-Help Steps that Will Help You Cope With Stress

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Stress is our body’s way of telling us our normal equilibrium is disrupted – when we experience this, our brains secrete chemicals that will while it can help motivate us to accomplish tasks more quickly.

However, prolonged, chronic stress is not only bad for the heart, but also makes you more prone to depression and anxiety, and even skin and hair problems, such as acne and hair loss, respectively.

Follow these self-help tips whenever you’re feeling stressed-out over anything:

1. Avoid adding unnecessary stress. Adding other things to your already-packed schedule can add more stress than what you’re currently dealing with, and this increase of stress can result in poorer overall performance and results. This can also include paring down your to-do list, which you can do by singling out the most important task and doing this first. Once you’ve completed the task, do this all over again until you’ve gone through everything on your list.

2. Keep caffeine to a minimum. One cup of coffee gives you that quick energy boost, but having too much coffee at a time increases anxiety and heart palpitation. You should stick to one cup of coffee a day especially if you’re pulling an all-nighter.

3. Eliminate artificial stress reducers. You may think that smoking and drinking are great for unwinding after a stressful day, but they can easily create a cycle of dependence that can lead to addiction when you use them too much.

4. Stay positive. A positive outlook may not seem like much, but keeping it throughout your period of stress can do more for you than you previously thought. Look for that silver lining instead of focusing on the negatives and you’ll find that you’ll get more things done.

5. Learn to manage your time better. Effective time management is crucial when handling different projects and roles, but it’s also important that you give yourself enough time to accomplish the tasks that you need to. Even though you swear it works for you, cramming everything at the last minute is not at all an effective way to do multiple tasks at once.

A good alternative to cramming is doing things piecemeal at the start and working your way until you finish them. This way, you minimize your stress while still finishing your tasks, giving you plenty of time to look over what you’ve done.

At the end of the day, tress will always be a part of life – it’s how you cope with it that makes the difference. By taking the right steps and adopting the right outlook, you can go through these times and come out on top of every challenge.