Facts About Presbyopia in Singapore

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There are various signs of ageing which symbolize that we are now in transition from one phase or era of our life to another. One of the most prominent signs of aging happen to be change in colour of our hair, which start turning either grey or white and a few wrinkle lines on our face, indicating a process that nearly all of us dread undergoing through.

However, there happens to be one sign of the natural ageing process that we are just unable to understand and that happens to be the various visual conditions which develop as we grow older. They may include simple conditions such as short sightedness and long sightedness which can be corrected using the right kind of glasses, or other conditions which have quite serious implications on our vision, and amongst the most prominent of these happens to be presbyopia for patients in Singapore, also known as lao hua.

Presbyopia happens to be an unavoidable and unstoppable condition which is a part and parcel of the natural ageing process, and symptoms of this condition start becoming more prominent as you pass through the age of forty. In order to further understand this condition, it is necessary that you are aware of a few facts and explanations to get a better idea regarding presbyopia treatment and what you would need to do in order to adjust with the changes.

The first thing you need to remember is that presbyopia can and does affect people from employers to employees of all backgrounds and countries and all of us will eventually become victims of this condition. While the process begins quite early, the symptoms start becoming more prominent and noticeable by the time you cross forty and into your mid-forties, even though a few individuals do not experience any signs till they have arrived in their early fifties.

Amongst the first signs that you are suffering from presbyopia happens to be a prominent change in habit. You will now be holding nearly all written material that you wish to read at least an arm’s length distance from your face in order to clearly go through whatever is mentioned, such as newspapers, menu cards, magazines or a letter. Secondly, you would also have trouble reading specially if the lights are quite dim, such as inside a formal restaurant where they light conditions are often quite poor in order to create a sophisticated ambiance. The third most common symptom of presbyopia are headaches that make your eyes feel very strained after you have performed any task that involves you to look at close range at the object, such as reading or sewing amongst others.

Lastly, you will have trouble seeing any small detail of an object at very close range. These are amongst the symptoms that eye doctors from Singapore have reported as per the feedback they received from their patients who are suffering from lao hua. Presbyopia basically develops due to the ageing of the natural lens inside your eye when the protein meant to produce the lens starts to block it.

Right from the time you were born, the shape of your lens continues to change in order to allow you to focus at objects positioned at various distances. With the passage of time, the flexibility of the lens continues to decrease gradually to the extent that your close vision becomes blurred and you are not able to view close range objects clearly.

In order to continue seeing close range objects clearly, you would now need optical aids to allow you to read every fine detail. You can also get your presbyopia correction treated with LASIk and with the availability of various surgeries in Singapore, you can actually find a permanent solution to your problem. You can not exactly prevent presbyopia how much you try, but you can correct it using various methods of which presbyopia lasik has been proven to be an effective result. The cheapest one happens to be the usage of prescription reading glasses to the more expensive options such as surgeries.