5 Signs You Are Emotionally Cheating on Your Partner

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Even if you’re already in a stable relationship, you often find yourself thinking a little too much about another person – someone who’s a friend of a friend, a colleague or an ex you decided to be friends with. Although you have never slept or done anything beyond giving that person a tender hug, you still can’t help but wonder if there’s something beneath your regular exchange of text messages. If this is the case, then you might be engaging in an emotional affair. Here, we’ve listed down five clear signs that you might be stumbling into the emotional infidelity territory.


  1. You Suddenly Become Secretive

We all have the right to a private life. However, having things that your significant other happens to not know about is not the same with intentionally keeping things from him or her. Your beau should never feel that need to read through your text messages or spy on your social media interactions. But if you’re spending so much effort just to ensure that your partner doesn’t see any of your conversations, then that might be a problem. After all, you wouldn’t feel the need to be secretive if you didn’t feel that what you’re doing is actually wrong.

  1. You Fantasize About the Other Person

Having random fantasies about another person other than your partner is normal – it’s part of being human. But if you’re constantly fantasizing about the person – to the extent that it’s already interfering with your attraction towards your partner – then you might risking a serious damage on your relationship.

  1. You Compare Your Partner With That Person

You’ll notice the small flaws in your significant other (he’s shy around other people; he wears those jeans that you don’t like) and fixate on just how the other person is an excellent conversationalist with the best taste in pants. Sure, airing out any problem in your relationship is important, but if the other person becomes a barometer for how or what your partner should be, then it might be time to assess your inclination towards that other person.


  1. You Communicate With the Other Person a Lot

Of course you can’t expect your partner to fulfil each social need you have, and this is the reason why you have your family and friends whom you can talk to regularly. However, if you’re spending a significant amount of time chatting or texting one particular person than your closest friends, then you’d better sit down and think about why you’re actually spending so much time in that particular person.

  1. You Keep Both Persons in Different Spheres

Does the idea of hanging out with your partner and special friend at the same time make feel uncomfortable? Do you feel a vague sense of guilt? If so, then that’s a clear sign that you already crossed a line that you shouldn’t have.

Unlike physical cheating, emotional infidelity can be quite difficult to spot. But keeping these signs in mind will definitely help you assess your actions towards a particular person, thus keeping your relationship with your significant other from falling apart.


Guide for Men: How to Understand Your Date

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Women are usually perceived as the more complex sex, especially when it comes to communication. But when a man fully understands her language, communication becomes easy breezy. In order for effective communication to take place, men need to understand the way women talk. Listening and seeing the situation through her eyes can be a huge step for great conversations. Men do not always have to agree but should there be a point of view that needs to addressed, he should let her finish talking first. This guide can help men get an idea on how to communicate with women in the simplest and most doable way.


Be conversationally engaged

It is highly important for women to feel that the man they’re dating with is interested in their whole being, not just their looks. Unfortunately, this has been taken the wrong way by a lot of guys. There is nothing more terrible than having a date that feels like a job interview. A date is a perfect opportunity to know someone and being engaged during conversations is a way to let them know you are indeed interested. Other than asking questions, share your similar experiences, beliefs, opinions, doubts or whatever to keep the conversation going. It is about finding a common ground between you that might bring you close.

Moreover, do not try to impress women by your intellect or logical reasoning because it does not work 99% of the time. For example, trying to rationalize and argue why she should like someone or something is a turn off because it gives the impression that you do not acknowledge and understand where she is coming from. It communicates how you lack care about what she feels and thinks. She doesn’t like it—end of story. Instead, inject statements like “that makes sense” or “I understand.”

Answer to the best of your ability


Most men were trained to believe that one of the ways to show consideration and thoughtfulness is to ask women how they feel or what they want. This is true, but not all the time. There are instances when women, don’t know what they want until they’re given options. Most typical example would be the dining destination. If your lady asks you where you guys should eat, do not answer back with a question like, “Where do you want?” the truth is, if she really knew exactly where, then she’ll tell you. So, the best way to manage her question is to answer with suggestions. You can tell her you heard about a new restaurant in town, or a fast food chain you went to with friends. The key is to never give her a not well-thought answer.

Say the word “we”

Saying “we” or “us” instead of “me” gives women the feeling that you want them to be a part of your life. It gives a feeling of being valued and seen as a potential love interest—in short, it makes them feel good.

Never forget to appreciate

Compliments and appreciation for women never go out of style. Make sure to give genuine comments as fake ones are easy to tell and women have good instincts to begin with. Don’t just end with a praise, tell them WHY. This allows women to feel more attractive and interesting.


Learning How to Deal with a Breakup

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What is the most awkward situation we experienced? Some will share about their jobs while others think of nothing but bumping into their ex’s. An unexpected encounter with an ex is almost always an awkward moment. There is always a possibility that we might bump them so it is still important that we know what to do.


Dealing with an unexpected encounter with our ex is not easy and we have to admit that sometimes, we do not know what to do. However, the first thing that comes to our mind is “why did I wear such horrible dress today of all days?”. That is just natural but what if our ex attempts to make a conversation? How we deal with our ex after an unexpected encounter depends on the circumstances of our breaking up.

Here are some circumstances of breakup and how we should deal with our ex after an unexpected encounter:

When it is time to let go

We have been in a steady relationship for the longest time but then things got messed up, we decided to break up. During this stage, it is important that we know when it is time to let go and be firm on our decision if we do not want the other person think that it is just another cool off. Then suddenly, we bumped him/her at the mall together with his/her parents. What should we do? To be courteous, we can just say “hi” to his/her parents and have a small talk with our ex.


Double date

College is a place where we learn a lot of things and meet a lot of people. To some, college is memorable because of their first relationship and breakup. If we broke up with our boyfriend/girlfriend after graduation, it must truly be heart-breaking. What if we encounter our ex with his/her current girlfriend and we are with our current girlfriend/boyfriend too? The polite thing to do is say “hi” and introduce our partner. This works so much that we can have a double date.

It is just been a week

The last thing that we want is to bump into our ex when it is only been a few days or weeks. The pain is still fresh but if we bump into them, we have to act strong. Instead of sulking or showing him/her how it affected us, we have to forget that awkward situation and offer our simple “hi”. Sure it is painful but it can make a difference at the end of the day.