Google Map Tricks You Can Use on Your Next Trip

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While hopping off the plane in a new city with no real plans sounds exciting, keeping a list of must-see sceneries and having an idea of your bearings will certainly help in making the most of your trip. That’s just where Google Maps comes into the picture. Aside from performing a typical directions check, there are various ways on how you can use this amazing app, and some of those ways are as follows:

1. Saving Your Direction Research

When you find a place in Google Maps app, there’s the option to “star” the location. You can place a star on a particular restaurant or an entire neighbourhood, and these places will be seen as small stars when you browse through the app at a later time. This trick ensures that you won’t forget a particular place as you travel around.

2. Choosing the Best Hotel

After marking attractions, hotels and restaurants you’re interested in, you’ll see a visual maps of the best areas to stay to. Different stops might be spread out across neighbouring towns, but you’ll likely have a cluster of starred locations in a certain area. If you’ll be staying in an area that requires a daily drive, then the star clusters can be a huge help to determine where you should spend each day of your getaway.

3. Creating Custom Maps

A lesser-known feature of this app is its ability to create shareable custom maps. With this, you’re able to choose colours and icons to symbolise different places, add comments, and collaborate with your family and friends. Custom maps are a great help if you’re planning a vacation that involves some logistical planning.

4. Offering Information About Places

Google Maps offer a lot more functionality and information than simply finding the fastest route. Not only will you be able to scan through photographs of various destinations or check the operating hours of establishments, you’ll also be able to read a location synopsis on Wikipedia, set reservations on OpenTable, and read through user reviews.

5. Deciphering Public Transportation
Another Google Maps trick you can use on your next trip is checking up on train and bus times to any location. All you’ve got to do is key in the location you want to travel to in directions, then tap on the transportation button. Choose options to specify what mode you prefer.

The beauty of travelling is you get to explore new places and discover new cultures, and Google Maps could help you achieve just that. So be sure to keep these tips in mind to make planning your next vacation easier, as well as to make the most out of your trip.

Tips On Dealing With Glare While On The Road

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Driving at night is challenging here in Singapore and the world because of the absence of light. You have to be good with driving if you set to travel every night. Remember that the lives of your passengers totally depend on you. With this, it is important that you know how to deal with one annoying thing – glare. Glares are annoyingly painful and uncomfortable.

Glares refer to harsh brilliant light. Most road-related accidents happen because of glares. Luckily, there are some tips that you can consider to keep your passengers safe on the road especially at night. Here are some:

• Cleaning the front of your windshield and windows: This is basic but it should be emphasized. You will be surprised how it can cut down glare when driving at night. When glass are streaked or dirty, the light that hits them will spread thereby creating glare. It does not end there because dirty windows can affect your visibility; it will harder to see things around you. Cleaning the front of your windshield should be a priority. You can clean the windshield and windows personally but if you want it to be pristine, you should head to a car wash station.

• Adjust side mirrors: Your side mirrors are essential in the conduct of your safety therefore it should be utilized properly. Adjusting mirrors not only keep the glare but also it is your way of knowing what is behind you. Now the key here is to properly adjust it.

• Adjust rearview mirror: Rearview is important tool as well. If the glare of the cars behind you is too much, you can switch to night driving mode. Some cars have this feature so it is imperative that you check your manual. If you do not have this feature, adjust the mirror so you do not have to stare with the glare directly.

• Check your vision: When all else fails, there might be something wrong with your vision. You have to go and check with the doctor because you might need glasses. You have to keep in mind that as you age, your vision tends to deteriorate and finding something to aid it is important.

Now this sounds simple but it can save lives if you take it seriously. You cannot easily miss glare because it is staring right in front of you. No matter the circumstance, you have to use your best judgment especially when driving. It can be overwhelming but nothing beats being extra careful on the road.

Places to Visit to End Your 2016 with a Blast

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December: time to put away your passport and get busy planning for the festivities ahead. Not necessarily. There is still time to squeeze one last adventure out of your 2016. Take a look at this list for your year-end slash Christmas vacation ideas.

  1. Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city, offers an array of seasonal experiences, from Christmas night markets to slope skiing. Between 26th of November 2016 and the 8th of January 2017, expect the city to be brimming with fun activities as the Advent in Zagreb programme commences. The central squares will be packed with market stalls where you can snack on gingerbread, shop for glittery Christmas decor or enjoy sipping mulled wine.

  1. Australia

Festival lovers flock to the small town of Lorne in Victoria for the annual Music and Arts Festival, which commences on the last week of December and ends on New Year. Go berry-picking at the local farms of Victoria, go for a fun road trip at the Great Ocean Road, and celebrate Christmas in summer at some of Australia’s finest beaches.

  1. Brazil

Celebrate the yuletide season by sunbathing on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro in, and welcome the New Year with a fun party at Copacabana Beach in Brazil. While you’re at Copa, drop by the neighbouring beach at Ipanema, as well as other beaches like the Baixo Baby when travelling with the whole family, Praia do Arpoador for avid surfers and Sao Conrado Beach if you want t go diving and hand gliding.

  1. Thailand

Witness Asia’s biggest and most famous regatta! Held every first week of December, the King’s Cup Regatta in Phuket is a week-long birthday celebration of the King of Thailand. Also, make sure not to miss spending some time on the beautiful beaches in Phuket, such as the Kamala Beach, Patong Beach, Surin Beach, Bangtao Beach, and Mai Khao Beach.

  1. Dubai

Travellers love visiting Dubai during cooler months, with concerts, sports events, celebrations and parties keeping tourists and locals busy. The festive month begins with fun celebration on the 2nd of December 2016, as UAE celebrates its 45th National Day. You’ll be amazed with the colourful parades, fireworks and plenty of flag-waving on this public holiday.

  1. New York City

What’s not to love in New York During the holidays? From elegantly decorated store fronts to the fun Rockettes Christmas show at the Radio City Music Hall, New York brings in thousands of tourists every December. Check out the Big Apple on holidays. It’s definitely a sight to behold. Also, we recommend Rockefeller Center for an ice skating session, shopping at the new pop-up shops or just enjoy a cup of hot chocolate at Serendipity 3.

The year may almost be done, but the fun and excitement of new adventures doesn’t end here. Heed these places for your year-ender travel adventure.