6 Dresses Every Woman Should Own

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Trends usually come and go, and while it’s perfectly fine to try out the current fads, it’s also important that you save some room for the timeless essentials. By having the right clothing pieces right at your closet, you’ll be all set for any occasion that might arise. So be sure to have these dresses on standby, and you’ll be on your way to building a complete closet, regardless of the sartorial or season swing.

  1. The Little Black Dress

Considered as a fail-proof choice, the little black dress is every girl’s go-to clothing piece when they’re in doubt of the dress code of a particular event. So be sure to purchase one that will flatter both your height and your body shape.

  1. Statement Dress

You certainly need a striking part dress for moments when you’re itching to hit the dance the floor. When choosing one, however, be sure to consider the versatility of the dress. That way, you’ll be able to style and wear it for those days when you just need a bold focal point for your ensemble.

  1. Workwear Dress

Stop sticking with your boring trouser and suit combo for work. Instead, channel your inner lady-boss by wearing an office-appropriate get-up that’s polish, stylish and structured.

  1. Lady Dress

A dainty floral dress is all you need if you’ll be attending an afternoon tea engagement or a backyard gathering with your friends. What’s more amazing is you can even wear this delicate piece to a garden wedding.

  1. Shift Dress

Get your hands on an easy day dress that you can rely on during those times when you can’t seem to mix and match your cute tops and bottoms. Plus, most shift dresses are no-brainer pieces that you can wear from day to night.

  1. Floor-Length Dress

For any formal event and evening affair, be sure to invest on a floor-length gown tailored to accentuate your best assets. Also, don’t forget to choose one that has a flattering colour or print. Plus points if you’ll be able to create different looks on it by simply switching your accessories.

While it’s completely okay to try out some of the fashion trends these days, it’s also important that you invest and have some timeless clothing pieces ready in your wardrobe. So be sure to have some or all of these classic dresses ready on your closet so you can easily look stylish whenever you want and need.

5 Fashion Items Worth Stealing from Your Guy’s Closet

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There are a lot of good reasons to have a boyfriend – opening the pesky pickle jars, and cuddling up. There’s also the added bonus of nipping into his dresser drawer and claiming the pieces for yourself. If you’re still blank as to which items to borrow, here is a lowdown of the dude duds that you can use in creating a feminine, très chic look.


  1. White-Button Down Shirt. Chances are, you’ve already stolen his button-down as your early morning fashion fix. Guess what? That oversized shirt actually does more than just being your “morning-after” fashion wear. Button-downs actually look great when paired with ripped or cut-off jeans, and even underneath your favourite black cocktail dress.
  1. Sweatshirt. Give his sweatshirt collection some fresh spin by pairing them up with your lacy or sequined skirts, and statement collared necklaces. It may be the usual sweatshirt a guy owns, but see how it turns into a stylish piece when paired with girly items.


  1. Flannel Shirt. Women already turned stealing their man’s flannel shirt into a habit, only for the reason that they look really, really look great! Wear it over your favourite dress, top it on your shoulder like a jacket, or tie it in your waist – there’s just an endless possibility of creating a chic and fresh look with your guy’s flannel shirt.
  1. Tuxedo Jacket. Not only is it an incredibly versatile clothing piece, an oversized tuxedo on a woman also looks incredibly sexy. Create a chic look by pairing it up with your favourite jeans, leather leggings or a cocktail dress. Also, don’t be afraid to scrunch up the sleeves if the jacket arms are a little too long for you.
  1. Jean Jacket. This jacket trend is just everywhere right now, and what better way to go with this trend than stealing his oversized jean jacket. Create a nice contrast and chic look by pairing up his jacket with one of your feminine, flirty dresses.

Creating a stylish look isn’t just all about using the pieces available in your own closet. Sometimes, wandering into your guy’s closet can also help you come up with some of the most fashionable and refreshing look that you have ever made.