Man’s Guide to Wearing a Watch

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Now, the visible difference between a boy and a man is his watch. Once you decide to become serious with your appearance, this is when you start to invest in a good watch. Now, we all know that you can tell the time on your phone but why should you wear a watch? Well, a watch doesn’t just tell the time, a watch actually tells more of you. Your personality, status, and so many other factors are very visible when it comes to your accessories. Wearing a watch is very important if you are trying to perfect your image.

Now, why does a watch make you look like a man rather than a boy? Well, because the watch itself looks serious. Which is why when it comes to watches, we strongly suggest that you go for a classical looking watch rather than one of those modern digital watches. A digital watch sometimes just defeats the purpose. But this is not always the case. There are certain occasions when you shouldn’t go for the classical watch. This is when you are doing sports or something casual. The only excuse for you to wear a digital watch is when you are doing sports or something a bit more adventurous which obviously does not pay that much attention to style but rather function.

Going back to style, there are a lot of different watches around and something that only a few can rock but when they do work greatly to their advantage is wearing a leather or wooden watch. You heard us! Leather or wood. Being up to date with style means being a little bit more daring and for you to be able to sport a leather or wooden watch shows that you are not just serious but also very sophisticated and able to adjust to the trends of today. Trust us, sporting a wooden watch is harder than it seems.

Last of all, your watch should never go against your personality. If you aren’t someone who is into something too flashy, look for a watch that does not give that much glamour but still looks serious. There is a wide selection of watches out there just waiting for you to pick from.

Having a watch is one of the best investments a man can make. It speaks a different language making your personality a bit more clearer than when you do not wear a watch. The great part about watches is that if you really invest in a good watch, you can even pass it on to the next generation. There are a lot of people who sport watches that have been with the family for quite a while. This makes their watch priceless and it is a definite honor for someone to sport a watch that has been through their families throughout generations.

Must-Have White Pieces for Work and Play

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One of the best colors that can be worn from day to night is white. Aside from it being very basic and timeless, it’s perfect to match with just about any outfit. Many women from Singapore agree that the following items are some of the must-have white pieces that each woman should have in her closet.

  1. White Button-Down Top

To all businesswomen and corporate women on the go, it is certainly a must to have a white button down top. You can pair it up with wide leg trousers, skirts or even jeans.

  1. White V-Neck Shirt

Every woman might agree that this is truly a white must-have. This is white piece can be used from work to play outfits if styled with the right pieces. You can wear a well-tailored blazer or a leather jacket with it. It’s really easy to wear with other clothing.

  1. White Tank Top

A white tank top is cool, casual and sexy chic all rolled into one. It’s best if you pair it with a long skirt or high-waist pants. If you want to transition it from business chic to Friday casual, wear it with a structured jacket or blazer and just take the pairing off so you can party.

  1. White Tote Bag

Tote bags are super trendy right now. If you’re wearing something with a blast of colors, then you can pair it with a white tote bag to complete any look you are going for.

  1. White Shorts/Skirt

Women need a casual white skirt and shorts in our closets. Make sure that you have pieces that have crisp and chic textures and a flattering cut. Then you can flair it with colored spaghetti straps or animal printed tops.

  1. White Dress

A plain white dress can open up a lot of styling opportunities. You can use it as a basic canvass and go crazy over your styling. You can have a white shift dress or something structured with overlay for business. You can also spice it up with colorful accessories.

  1. White Accessories

It’s a must that for any fashion conscious woman to have a white statement piece accessory. White accessories will not only take your style a notch higher or crank up your chicness, but it’s also really reliable and classic especially when everything’s too colorful and chaotic.

  1. White Sandals

For busy and stylish women, this is truly a must-have. It can be used casually or you can use it while going on a trip or vacation especially when you’re going to the beach.

  1. White Sneakers

Women on the go should always have a pair of white sneakers in her closet. This will come in handy all the time especially if you’re feeling a bit lazy and would want to rest your feet from all the heels.

7 Best Tips in Washing Your Jeans

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Great jeans are good clothing investments. Proper fitting and good-looking jeans may be a bit expensive but if properly taken care of, they can last for a relatively long time.

Cleaning your jeans does not simply consist of chucking them inside the washing machine. In order for the color to retain even after multiple uses, special care must be observed. To help you take great care of your jeans, here are the best ways to care for your investment jeans.


Do not wash after every wear.

Washing your jeans is not the same as washing regular clothes. You should not wash it immediately after wearing. Provided that your jeans are not stained, you can forego washing them every other month. Constantly washing jeans in the washer can stretch them out and wash out the color. Moreover, detergents can be harsh, causing the color to fade quickly.


Do air your jeans out.

Since you won’t always be washing your jeans, it’s important to alternate your jeans between wears. Air them out to kill off any odor and give room for your jeans to breathe. A quick tip is to hang them inside your shower so that the jeans can absorb the steam and eliminate bad odor.


Use cold water.

When you do get around to washing your jeans, remember to use cold water in doing so. Using cold water in washing denim jeans is important to help the fabric retain its dye. To help in reside exfoliation, you can add a teaspoon if black pepper in the water.


Wash jeans with same colored ones.

Like any fabric, washing your jeans should be done in same colored groups. Denim can bleed and in order to avoid staining other jeans separate the light-colored ones from the darks.


Invest in color-safe detergent.

Good jeans are hard to come by. Protect the fabric and its dye by investing in a color-safe detergent, which washes your jeans properly without wearing out its color.


Do not wash too many pairs of jeans all at once.

It’s important to always be efficient in doing chores like the laundry but overloading your washer with several pairs can make the zippers snag and the stitching to break down.


Never dry-clean your denim.

Dry cleaning your denim jeans breaks down the fabric’s fibers and wears off pre-washed coating. Don’t even think about this option when washing your jeans.


How to Be More Stylish Using These 5 Daily Habits

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Let’s be honest- it’s not easy to be fashionable and stylish. Being stylish is not just about wearing the right clothes. It’s also about maintaining good daily habits and an orderly lifestyle.


The littlest of details can make or break your outfit. Fortunately, you can do something about this. We give you five habits you can do daily to achieve the polished and eye-catching style you’ve always wanted.

  1. It’s all in the planning.

One reason why you’re outfit ends up looking like it’s put together haphazardly is simply because it is. Surely, we’re no stranger to waking up late and ending up grabbing the most convenient closing pieces, and forcing it to look remotely close to decent.

Setting aside a few minutes of constructing an outfit before going to be bed never hurts. Put together a couple of well-ironed outfit ideas you can wear for the next day so that you’ll have a few options.

Research on weather forecast and be sure that these outfit choices are appropriate for the next day’s weather.

  1. Set aside time to get ready.

A person’s overall appearance is very important. An outfit that’s well put together will not work if you apply makeup and do your hair clumsily. Take time to do your hair, makeup and iron your clothes in the morning.

If you can’t afford to spend an extra ten minutes to get ready, you can remedy this by waking up ten minutes earlier than you usually do in the morning. A small sacrifice considering the self-confidence that a polished look can give you.

  1. Organize your wardrobe.

Stylish people have a very well-organized and coordinated closet. This way you’ll be able to see all of your clothes and you’ll spend less time rummaging through a messy pile of clothes. This saves time and gives you more clothing options.


Keeping a well-arranged wardrobe will also keep your clothes in great condition. Constantly rumpling clothes can ruin the garment and can cause unraveling in some.

  1. Don’t neglect quality undergarments.

Visible panty lines make an outfit look clumsy and cheap. A see-through bra, when not done in a tasteful manner, can look indecent and unpolished.

Invest in high quality undergarments fit for the clothes you will be wearing. Stock up on seamless panties, quality bras and various socks. These minute details can make your outfit look more put together.

  1. A good posture is vital.

No matter how chic and stylish an outfit is, if your posture looks sloppy, then your outfit will also end up looking sloppy. A stylish person has a good strong posture that gives off a vibe of confidence. Self-confidence is a great tool in making an outfit turn heads.

Fashion may be all about the clothes but style also involves a person’s lifestyle and how he/she carries his/herself. Little changes in our habits and lifestyle can help in elevating our personal style. Gradually incorporate these habits into your daily routine and soon you will achieve that flawless style coveted by many.