Tips for a Smoother Liquid Lipstick Application

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Liquid lipsticks are among the hottest trends in the world of cosmetics today. With more and more celebrities and fashionistas advocating the trend themselves (Kylie Jenner, to name a familiar face), a lot of women have switched from the traditional lipstick to its liquid variation.

Why is it a trend?
There are a number of reasons why people continuously patronize the product. For one, it has a longer coverage that could last for a good couple hours. Liquid lipstick users like myself would attest how reliable the pigment retains on the lips, even when I eat food with slight grease.

Another reason is that its lipsticks have bold velvety shades that can suit any skin tone. From nude to hot pinks, deep burgundies or a shocking shade of red, it’s impossible to find a shade that won’t suit you.

Matte liquid lipstick, therefore, is guaranteed to make you looking elegant and stand-out among the crowd. If you’re also looking for a chance at making a bold beauty statement, then this product will help you do so.

Tips for a smooth application
Perfect application of liquid lipstick may take some time to get used to. Its mastery doesn’t just happen overnight (not if you pull an all-nighter and practice), and so the more you apply the product, the more you’ll be familiarized as to what you should do and not do.

• Scrub. Make a habit of exfoliating your lips if you want to make liquid lipstick a part of your signature look. If you have dry or cracked lips, this product will turn clumpy instead and reveal even highly imperfections instead of concealing them.

• Use a lip liner. Use a lip liner to trace the corners of your lips before you dab your liquid lipstick. This serves as a great guide into achieving a clean and neat result, since you are creating a base for your lipstick to glide on. It also helps the lipstick to last longer.

• Work your lipstick wand skills. One thing with liquid lipsticks is that you won’t be able to rub your lips together if you want to even out the application (in contrast to your traditional lipsticks). Hence, practicing your lipstick wand skills is important if you want to get excellent results.

• Moisturize. Although applying lip gloss is unnecessary if you’re wearing a matte lipstick (because that would defeat its purpose), it is still important to moisturize your lips. There are non-greasy lip balms sold in the market which can help in easing the lips’ dryness, and you might want to check them out!

5 Eyeliner Mistakes That You Might Be Making

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Applying eyeliner is probably the trickiest part in every woman’s makeup routine. Just a small mistake can already turn your perfect cat eye into a makeup mess. But before you start giving up on mastering your eyeliner application, we’ve listed down five of the common eyeliner mistakes that may be keeping you from getting that perfect wing.


  1. Overdoing Your Bottom Lid. Lining your lower lid heavily with dark eyeliners will only make your eyes appear smaller and give you unsightly under-eye smudges. If you want to give more definition to your lower lid, opt for a light coloured pencil such as taupe or light brown to achieve a subtler makeup look.
  1. Making Do With Uneven Lines. Having to wipe off your liner over a hundred times before getting it right can be very frustrating, especially if you don’t have the luxury of time to do your liner over and over again. To keep your liner straight, avoid pulling in the outer corner of your eyes as this will only cause your skin to wrinkle, resulting to an uneven line. Instead, point your chin up and look down while applying your eyeliner. This way, you’ll be able to run your liner smoothly on your upper lid.
  1. Using Brown and Black Liners Only. Although brown and black liners are good, applying a little nude or white on your lower lid actually works wonders in making you look more refreshed and awake. Achieve this by gently pulling on your lower lid and tracing the line between the inner rim of your eyes and your lower lashes.


  1. Skipping the Smudge-Proofing. If you’ve gone to all the trouble just to get the perfect wing, then why skip this step? Ditching this technique is just like going to the gym and then ordering pizza. Be sure to keep your streaks in check by doubling on your pigments and etching your liner with a powder shadow.
  1. Going With the Wrong Eyeliner Formula. Before deciding which eyeliner formula to use, it’s important to first understand that each formula has its own set of peeper-perfecting specialties. If you’re going for smoky eyes, then a smudgy kohl is the ideal tool to get that sultry haze. If it’s a flawless feline flick that you seek, opt for liquid and gel formulas as they boast more glide for a smoother line that the kohl’s can achieve.

Getting the perfect cat eye can be very tricky especially if you’re no eyeliner pro, but by avoiding these eyeliner mistakes, you’ll surely be able to master the trick in getting the smooth feline flick.