What You Need to Know About Liquid Lipsticks

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From Kylie lip kits to Colourpop’s matte liquid lipsticks, the liquid variant of lipsticks has revolutionized the lip cosmetic industry. The product never faltered to be the talk of the town. A lot of beauty gurus post write-ups about the product on their blogs almost every other week (especially when a new shade is released), while others film videos of themselves reviewing these lipsticks to be posted on video streaming platforms such as YouTube.

Now, almost all major cosmetic brands all over the world procured their own liquid lipsticks. The main difference mostly lies in the shades and hues, but overall, these lipsticks are similar to each other. They do not smudge and their coverage lasts longer than the classic lipsticks we all grew up familiar of — so suffice to say it has earned the worth of its trend.

With their increasing popularity nowadays, it then becomes crucial for us to know more about liquid lipsticks in general.

1. Humid and heat proof
Liquid lipsticks are a lifesaver for cosmetic lovers who live in humid countries such as Singapore. There aren’t a lot of make-up products that can effectively withstand both humid and the heat, but thanks to the long-lasting polymers in liquid lipsticks, its formula stays put. Rest assured, the product doesn’t slide down your face even when temperature levels arise!

2. Can be difficult to remove
The formula in liquid lipsticks is designed for long-lasting coverage, hence removing them might become a challenge. This might take time especially if you’re ready to jump into bed and get that good night’s sleep you deserve. In order to effectively remove the pigment from your lips then, use a lipstick remover or a lip scrub.

3. Still vulnerable to grease
Liquid lipsticks can only do so much. While they notably last longer than other lip products, it is still vulnerable to greasy or oily foods. The oil from these greasy food can make your lipstick be all over your spoon and glass. Worst, it may also mess around your upper and lower lips without even noticing it yourself.

4. May dry the lips
Since the product is highly pigmented, chances are it may dry up your lips after hours of coverage. It is then important to exfoliate your lips properly before applying liquid lipstick. Better yet, use a lip balm to help your lips stay smooth. Keeping yourself hydrated at all times also helps, so drink plenty of water if you can.

5. Generally, all you need is one dab
A single coat of liquid lipstick is enough to complete your look. Even with one swipe, you are likely to achieve that pigment you desire which can also last long. Take note that this product is highly pigmented, so you don’t have to apply a lot. But if you want to kick up the intensity of the color a notch, add on another layer — just make sure you do so when the first coat hasn’t dried up completely yet.

How to Care for Graying Hair

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Graying hair seems like a nightmare for a lot of people, although there are individuals who chose to embrace what nature has given them instead of spending money to cover it up. Some hair salon in Singapore encourage their customers to use methods that are gentler on the hair and scalp, because hair coloring requires frequent trips to the hair salon. There are unfortunate ones, however, who suffer from premature graying. To date, there is no method to stop hair from turning gray besides temporarily covering it with hair color.

Premature Graying

Normally, a person’s hair starts to turn gray at the age of 40, however, even some teenagers could have graying hair. The reason for this isn’t clear yet, although genes could be a determining factor on how early a person’s hair will turn gray. According to studies, as the person reaches the age of 30, the chances of having gray hair increases as much as 20%.

Premature graying may be a cause of a combination of different factors that are also associated with natural graying at an old age. That’s when many people go to myhairdobar at far east plaza salon in Singapore to touch up their hair colour. Extrinsic factors that affect the production melanin include stress, exposure to pollutants and toxins, exposure to various chemicals, and the climate. Intrinsic factors should also be taken into account, such as a person’s age, body distribution, hormones, and genetic defects.

But why does hair turn gray? According to some studies, the hair follicle seems to have a programmed clock the will slow down the activities of the melanocyte. When the production slows down or stops, the amount of pigment also decreases. This usually happens just before the hair is about to shed or fall out, making the roots paler than usual. A person’s genetic makeup could be the deciding factor on how long the pigments are produced actively.

Premature graying among children and teenagers might also be caused by malnutrition, anemia, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, or taking a lot of medications at once. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for premature graying as of today. However, the best hair salon in Singapore offers ways to cover up graying hair if the condition is affecting the quality of life of the young individual.

Graying at Old Age

Graying hair is a result in the reduced production of the pigment responsible for a person’s hair color. Hair is naturally white, but the pigment comes from the melanin, which is formed before a baby is born. The hair color is decided by a combination of different factors, such as the amount of melanin present in the cortex of the hair shaft, the distribution of the melanin, and the type of melanin inherited from the parents.

To understand how hair color is determined, note that there are two types of pigments that are found on the hair follicles. The eumelanin or dark pigment and the phaeomelanin or light pigment mix together to create the variety of hair colors we know today. As the hair growth goes through the three phases (anagen, catagen, and telogen) the melanocytes inject the melanin into the keratin-containing cells. You might remember from your trips to the hair salon in Singapore that the keratin is the protein that makes up the hair.

As the person ages, however, the process of injecting melanin into the keratin slows down, as well as the production of melanin. As a result, the hair turns gray until it becomes white for lack of melanin. Like premature graying, there is no proven method to stop graying hair naturally. The best hair salon in Singapore, however, can you provide you with different options to care for your hair if you decide to embrace the process or cover it up if you don’t want gray hair.

Dos and Don’ts of Graying Hair Care

Your hair isn’t just a decoration that you need to style at the hair salon, but it serves as a protection for the body and helps regulate the body temperature. However, not only does aging make the hair turn gray, but it also affects the hair’s thickness. Hair loss is also a normal part of aging, although the rate of the hair loss might also be affected by the chemicals you use on your hair, your overall health, and exposure to pollutants and elements. That is why you need to keep it healthy by following the recommendations of your hair salon stylist in Singapore.

1. Highlighting is the best option to hide graying hair. The hair salon stylist will recommend this hair coloring technique because it’s easier to maintain.

2. Graying hair is dull, that is why you should probably change your hair products. The hair salon stylist can give you advice about which products are safe for dry, dull hair that will not aggravate the condition. You should also use the right shampoo and conditioner if you cover your gray hair with hair color.

3. Reduce exposure to hair products. Your hair salon stylist will advise you to limit your use of various hair products because graying hair is prone to breakage and damage due to reduced strength and elasticity. There are products for graying hair that you can purchase at the hair salon that will prevent damage and yellowing.

4. Reduce exposure to hair styling tools, especially items that produce heat, such as the curling iron, blow dryer, and straightener. You should also reduce your exposure to direct sunlight, because graying hair already lacks moisture and natural protection.

5. Do not forget to condition and moisturize graying hair daily, especially before going out.

6. Eat healthy food, exercise regularly, and de-stress. Vitamin deficiency, smoking, poor diet, and oxidative stress can all contribute to unhealthy hair.

5 Skincare Hacks for Girls with Sensitive Skin

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Maintaining a beautiful and radiant skin can be a challenging task, especially considering the pollution in the air and the sun’s scorching heat.  Although some are blessed with glowing skin, most of us – especially women born with sensitive skin – need to put much effort just to achieve a clear and glowing skin. Living with a sensitive skin can be a real struggle, which is why we listed down some skincare hacks that will surely help you keep everything under control.


  1. Know the Keywords You Should Look Out For

Since you’re born with sensitive skin, make it a habit to search for words like “mild”, “non-comedogenic”, “fragrance-free” and “paraben-free” when choosing your skincare products. Products containing parabens and synthetic fragrances are known to cause skin inflammation and irritation, while those with comedogenic ingredients are likely to clog the pores.

  1. Be Sure to Get Enough Sleep

Failing to get enough shuteye every night causes your body to release a stress hormone known as cortisol – and excessive production of this hormone results to the breakdown of collagen, a protein that promotes skin smoothness and elasticity. What’s worse is it aggravates immune-related skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. So if you can, go to bed early and aim to have seven or eight hours of beauty rest each night.

  1. Apply Some Sunscreen

Don’t want to deal with skin discoloration, sunburn or skin cancer? Then make it a habit to put on a good amount of sunscreen before leaving your house. Choose a sunscreen with an SPF 30 and titanium oxide or zinc oxide. These are UV ray blockers that won’t cause any skin redness or irritation. Other than that, it’d also be a good idea to bring a hat or an umbrella as well.


  1. Indulge on a Healthy Diet

Spice up your diet by adding black pepper, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric on your meals. These spices help in reducing skin inflammation and in preventing wrinkles and fine lines. It’d also be a good idea to snack on food items that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, such as eggs, fish and walnuts, to keep your skin glowing and healthy. While you’re at it, detoxify your body by making sure that you drink eight glasses of water each day.

  1. Cleanse Your Skin Properly

To properly cleanse your sensitive skin, be sure to trade your moisture-robbing soaps with mild cleansers and keep hot water baths to a minimum. Once you’re done, gently pat your skin dry with a clean towel, and apply your skincare essentials three minutes after getting out of the shower to better lock in the moisture on your skin.

Caring for sensitive skin doesn’t really have to be that big of a challenge. All you have to do is know what products work best with your skin type, eat healthy meals and get enough sleep. Simply doing these things will already help you achieve youthful-looking skin—whatever your skin type.


Common Beauty Problems Men and Women Face

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Nobody’s perfect. One way or another, we all have imperfections. These imperfections are mainly seen on our bodies and most especially on our faces. We may be aware of such problems and become insecure and shy because of it but let us just accept things as they are and try to find ways on how to solve them. Some men and women have the following kinds of beauty problems that you may relate to:


  1. Hairy Moles. Well, these are not too annoying but they are not that pleasing to look at especially if your mole is located in your face. Some people looking at you may get distracted with all the hair they could see in your moles. Some people who have this problem usually cover up the portion of their face with a hairy mole with handkerchief just to avoid people from staring. Possible remedies are to pluck the hair from time to time and just have the mole removed in a derma clinic.


  1. Eye Dandruff. If you think that dandruff can only fall from your scalp, watch closely again. Dandruff developed on your eyebrows and eyelashes is caused by an over production of yeast on our skin. You have to wash your face all the time and make sure to apply some cream to the affected areas in order to prevent them.


  1. Acne. The major causes of acne are stress, genes, hormones and the environment that you expose yourself into. Washing your face all the time with gentle soap, applying creams specifically made to cure acne and keeping yourself away from stress and dirty surroundings can help prevent such problem.


  1. Warts. This is a type of Human Papilloma Virus infection picked up from another person or the environment. They are not that easy to look at so might as well consult your dermatologist and have it removed.


  1. Cold Sores. These are usually called fever blisters and can be seen around the lips and nose areas. You have to be careful since these are highly contagious herpes infections. Too much sun exposure can also cause this problem. Always have it checked in order to know what treatments you need to take in order to cure it.


  1. Dark Armpits. There are a lot of men and women who have this five o’clock shadow lurking over their armpits. This is due to elevated levels of testosterone, genes and the use of strong deodorants. In order to help fix the problem, you should do depilatories, waxing or plucking (don’t shave as it triggers it to darken more).


Getting Your Body Summer-Ready with Coolsculpting

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With summer season in full swing, everyone in Singapore is desperately looking for ways to get in shape. Warmer weather means shorter dresses, skimpy shorts, and of course, bikinis. Summer’s tight-fitting and sexier drobes exposes more skin. Unlike most parts of the year, this season makes it hard for anyone to hide under loose, bulky clothing. Fortunately, there is a proven-and-effective way to get your body summer-ready that require minimal time and effort.


Coolsculpting is a non-invasive treatment that claims to get rid of excess fat and stubborn bulges in one painless session. You don’t have to worry about incisions or going on punishing diets to eliminate stubborn fat. The best part is that during the procedure, you can even relax by listening to music, reading a book, or taking a nap. Too good to be true? We thought so too—until we talked to several aesthetic clinics and researched a bit more about coolsculpting in Singapore.

Coolsculpting to Eliminate Fat

This body sculpting procedure is meant to get rid of excess fat by exposing the fat cells to extreme cold. The mechanism is deemed unique and very effective as it takes advantage of the fact that the human skin can effectively adjust to cold temperature, while the fat cells cannot. Therefore, as the procedure targets the fat cells, there’s no damage incurred to the skin or any surrounding tissue. By eliminating only the fat cells—and nothing else—coolsculpting has proven to be an excellent solution to shed a few pounds before hopping into a sexy pair of bikinis and heading to the beach.

If you worry about the pain, fret not. The procedure that you can read about at http://www.astiqueclinic.com.sg/coolsculpting.html in SIngapore is painless since the cold numbs the skin. However, expect a slight discomfort during the first five to 10 minutes of the procedure as the machine vacuums the skin in the target area into the applicator.

Defining Cryolipolysis

When the fat cells are frozen, they slowly break apart and die—this process is called cryolipolysis. The procedure is able to selectively freeze the cells and eradicate them permanently. Once these cells are treated, the body gradually and naturally processes them over a span of four to six months. Experts in Singapore revealed that the process has superb safety record, and has never had reports of unpleasant effects from it. The frozen fat cells are slowly cleared from the body after the treatment, so the vital organs are not negatively affected.


Ideal Body Areas for Coolsculpting

Working deep down into the skin, the procedure cools down the treated area to the point of freezing, which triggers the death of the fat cells. As the cells crystallize, surrounding tissues and nerves are left unaffected and undamaged. Once the cells die, your system naturally processes and gets rid of them. However, the sculpting procedure is ideal for areas that have enough packet of fat that can be suctioned into the sculpting applicator, such as areas like the abdomen, bra area, back, and thigh area. Other areas are less likely to be treated with coolsculpting, because the sizes of the applicators limit the amount of fat that the procedure can take.

Quick Treatment

Coolsculpting in Singapore can make you look bikini-ready in a matter of three weeks. However, full results are visible in four to six months. If you have your treatment today, you look good in swimsuits by late summer, and you can expect more improvement as your body continues to flush dead fat cells out of your body. With coolsculpting, you’ll notice 25 percent fat reduction in the treated areas.

Subtle Results with No Downtime

Cooslculpting in Singapore produces more subtle results; it usually takes a few weeks to start seeing noticeable results, and around four months to achieve the optimum results. In other words, results are not immediate, which makes the results look more natural compared to the drastic, immediate changes of traditional fat-reduction procedures.

However, the outcome of the sculpting procedure cannot compete with the outcome of liposuction. Liposuction removes more fat through surgery, but requires significantly more downtime than coolsculpting. If you prefer liposuction and get started with the procedure now, keep in mind the lengthy recovery period, which could mean you’ll have to miss the prime of summer.

Key Point of Coolsculpting

For people who lose weight through exercise and diet, they have simply shrunk their fat cells, meaning these cells are still existing and have never gotten away. Coolsculpting, on the other hand, has the technology to get rid of fat cells, eradicating them out of the body. Once the fat cells are frozen and destroyed, they have no chance of coming back or gaining in size again; they are gone for good. Therefore, even if you gain weight, you will see even distribution of fat. No more stubborn bulges that seem to appear more prominent than the rest of the body.

There is no denying that fat-reduction procedures are particularly more appealing during this time of the year. Summer season is now upon us, and you will be out on the beach unexpectedly, which requires you to be ready at all times. Coolsculpting helps boost your confidence with your body and overall appearance. So, if you are interested in shrinking those pesky regions of your body that doesn’t seem to go away no matter how much exercise and diet you do, contact a coolsculpting clinic in Singapore to get started with your body sculpting procedure soon.


Effective Ways in Eliminating Forehead Creases  

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Even in our mid-twenties, our lifestyle mistakes (skipping on your sun protection, smoking or doing over-exaggerated facial expressions) can bring about the formation of creases and lines on our face. Good thing there are ways we can do to get rid of these annoying and unpleasant looking forehead creases.


But first, we must determine what the main causes of forehead wrinkles are. Creases on the forehead are usually caused by the muscles responsible for raising the eyebrows, also called the “frontalis muscle.” As we grow older, the repeated folding of the forehead skin can result to developing forehead creases visible even when the muscle is at rest.


Make use of your primer.

An excellent illuminating primer can “fill” in the creases by making use of light. The lines are camouflaged because light is reflected away from them. Using a primer before doing your makeup helps create a base coat that helps in keeping your foundation, BB cream and concealer from sliding away from the skin and settling into the creases.


Botox is always an option.

Using Botox might be too early for 20-something to 30-something individuals but for older people facing problems with forehead creases and wrinkles, Botox is actually the simplest and most effective option. However, if you’re up looking for other possible options, there are actually brow lifting techniques used to completely remove the muscles completely so that the brow remains in a nice position and the forehead stays smooth. The reason why many people trust neurotoxins like Dysport, Botox and Xeomin is because the process is so simple it requires no down time at all.


Acupuncture is also a great choice.

The choice of using acupuncture to eliminate forehead creases is something that you need to dedicate a great deal of time and money for. A series of 10 to 12 treatments in a span of one to five weeks can result in lesser fine lines and relatively smoother skin. This procedure also results in less saggy skin and less droopy eyelids. Acupuncture is amazing because it can alleviate pain from different illnesses and can even help in dealing with obesity. Since it does not involve drugs, creams and even the use of a scalpel, a lot of people want to try this because of its effectiveness. Just simple needle pricks in strategic places all over the body can result to an improvement in your overall skin care.


Modify your hairstyle.

A simple change in your hairstyle and hair color can brighten the color of the eyes and soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Just ask your hair colorist to add some highlights on your hair and change your look a bit to see great improvements. For wrinkles in the forehead, the best thing to do is to add an uneven fringe. This will help hide forehead creases, soften your features and frame your face.


Work out.

Exercising is one of the easiest and cost-free solutions to getting rid of wrinkles. A yoga expert shares that doing headstand exercises increase the blood flow in the head area and boost circulation in the face and scalp. This will reduce facial fatigue and reduce the appearance wrinkles.201307241100138653

Sip Your Way to Better Skin

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The Best Teas for a Clearer Complexion


A cup of tea each day can give us huge health benefits. Tea helps lower levels of bad cholesterol in the body and also lowers risks of developing heart disease. Some variations of tea can also help with sleep and digestive problems.

Tea does not only help with our inner health, it also works well in making our skin look glowing and healthy. There are a lot of teas you can choose from and each has its own unique benefits that make skin look beautiful. You never know, your favorite tea may be on this list and is the one responsible for your healthy glow every day.


  • Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is great in making us sleep well each night. When we are well rested, it shows in our skin. Our skin looks better when we get enough sleep and in the same way, sleep deprivation makes us look stressed and haggard.

If you’ve been having skin problems because of lack of sleep, brew some chamomile tea and enjoy it before going to bed at night. Rest assured, your skin will definitely improve the next morning.


  • Green tea

Green tea, one of the most popular tea variants drank all over the world, contains sun protection properties. It helps fight the sun’s destructive rays and helps keep the skin cancer and age-spot free.

EGCG, catechins that fight free radicals are also present in green tea. These catechins are responsible for the prevention of wrinkles and other skin damages. EGCG is so powerful that it has shown properties of being able to revive dying skin cells.


  • Jasmine tea

Lovely smelling jasmine tea contains antibacterial and antiviral properties that keep our body and our skin healthy. Regular consumption of jasmine tea is shown to prevent the signs of aging in the skin.

Moreover, jasmine tea also has the ability to cure specific skin problems like acne and eczema.


  • Red Bush Tea

Most popularly known as Rooibos, Red Bush Tea has been used in the past for the treatment of skin issues. The flavonoids present in rooibos can keep acne and eczema at bay.

This tea, in addition, contains superoxide dismutase, a skin-aging fighter that neutralizes free radicals in the body and works to slow down the formation of fine lines in the skin.


  • Ginger tea

Ginger tea is a potent cure for digestive problems. Little do we know, when something is off in our digestive system, the skin suffers as well. Digestive issues can lead to the emergence of skin conditions like acne and oily skin.

Ginger tea is also an excellent combatant for colds- an illness that can affect our outward appearance.


  • Peppermint tea

The menthol present in peppermint tea not only works in curing an upset stomach, but also regulates the production of oil in the skin.

Peppermint tea also helps in maintaining the glow of your skin by getting rid of dead skin cells by way of cell turnover.